Baby Oil



the one and only solution

that strengthens a

restless, yet vulnerable body

an idea to be crafted

differently by every moment

when ache filled limbs

are held captive by my touch

providing rhythm upon

your existence

waiting to be unearthed

on many levels that

Johnson & Johnson couldn’t fathom

two to three splashes

of a potion that settles harmoniously

as large deft hands

stroke and intoxicate

these walking hands give birth

to a web of thoughts

my mind alleviates the surroundings

to mingle with what lies before me

keep in mind, sugar

of what my purpose is

as the healing factor

placed upon the base of your spine

the arch of your back

and thighs that open the doors

to the chambers of advancement

I glance through the

corners of your soul

as widespread phenomenon

improvises with great force

lust pumping energy within us

so don’t wither, don’t cum yet……

bask in the sea of my Vitamin E

highly concentrated with iron,

carrot extract….

spurts of frustration,

mineral oil and fragrance

revamped and prescribed

heated at 400 degrees

feeding unsettled regions of your torso

I fell utterly in love

with the conquest, the unselfish gasps

and screams for mercy

your beloved temple

now blessed by my secret recipe

spiced the surroundings of

her own throbbing needs

allowing my hardened self

to my next peak as I speed

promises to your hungry body

you come….

you come….

into a dimension of a treasured moment

now given a new name

aptly enough to be called


“Massage therapy will continue tomorrow at midnight.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And you thought this was made just for babies! LOL.

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The Dragons Kiss Part V - The Lady Exits Stage Right

Composite from Gurps Dragons and Google Search

My lady Oh so fair,

What is it that you seek there?

I am not sure, I think a man,

But it may be a dragon.

He was here one time you see,

When the fearsome dragon was me.

He freed me from the evil spell,

With his kiss that was so swell.

He took the spell upon himself to set me free,

He could not bear keeping me.

So he gave me my freedom and flew away,

Unselfishly, is why I search for him today.

My dear lady, it is abundantly clear,

That the one of whom you speak is not here

Hmmm. Let me think, I do recall,

A dragon was slain in France way last fall.

Oh, no! could it really be he?

Don’t really matter ma’am, he’s dead you see?

If this is true, I don’t want to live,

For such a brave man his life to give.

It must have been love that he died for,

I will love not, forever more.

Until that day in the hereafter

When he and I will share laughter,

I will remain his so pure,

Until death brings my final cure.

Then together we will be

For all eternity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

By popular request...had to do one more to tie up what happened to our lady. I think she went to a convent until she could be rejoined with her hero in heaven.

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black raven takes flight

the best predators have been known to stalk its prey from afar

a silent stare from high above having all movement memorized with primal precision

awaiting the fall of night to cripple the senses as I follow your trail

perched with anticipation, my eyes on the main vain, my target is set

the echo of darkness cannot protect you as I stand ready for takedown,

a push into the wind with wings spread wide

the black raven takes flight making its final call as you turn and take notice

burrow as you might, my reach is far, my reach is strong, a force that requires little struggle, only silence

a submission of will that paralyzes, with limbs pinned,

a sudden  realization of no escape stuns as I hold you firmly within my grasp

you belong to me, you are now mine to take in

I swallow you whole, no resistance, no pain

surrender yourself, give me absolute power

I stand triumphant, another successful strike, another successful night

this black raven who has descended from high above turns to look about

catching a familar scent lingering downwind

allowing its hunger to grow once again

ready to feed

looking for more...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was insipired by, guess what, a black raven I spotted on the side of the road while on the highway. That among other circumstances of course...

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adult content

kiss me

does that make your heart beat

touch me

does that lust taste so sweet

tell me that you want me

whisper what you need

take my body slowly

your desire i'm here to feed

I am passion

I am the fire

I burn threw you

I will aspire

taste me

i'll satisfy the hunger

watch me

i'll explode the sky like thunder

let me find your pleasure

scream to me for more

give your body over

sinful to the core

I am the temptress

I'm ecstacy

I am the rapture

I'm felicity

I'll stir the urges

I'll show you bliss

I can show you paradise

Just give in to this....


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this when i was feeling crappy...go could be made a song too don't ya think?

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Magic Clock Ride

Fantasy meets reality

In the land of my mind

Fairy tales exist

Distressed princesses

Locked in dragon guarded towers

Saved by tin clad knights

Live happily ever after

Riding along on the flying clock.

Whoever said time flies

Must have known how I feel.

While enchanted in his presence

I ride the clock with Pegasus wings

Zooming past the lost souls

In the land of depressing loneliness

Racing along to a heart shaped moon

Alongside my dearest love

Laughing and smiling

Enjoying our magic clock ride

Day turns to night

Night turns to day

The sun rises and sets

In a mere matter of seconds

Seconds merge to minutes

Minutes transform into hours

All time fuses together

Leaving us unable to calculate

How much was lost

What distance what measure of time

We have traveled across

Enjoying our time together

On this magic clock ride.

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Hunted Bliss

I am the hunter and you are my prey

I will take what I want

And it's you that I crave

I will taste you and savor every part of you

Beneath me you will be tied to  my soul

A slave to my never ending lust~my control

Quenching all of my desire

So give up your will and let me begin

To bring you to utopia and the ecstacy within

I will lick your lips and softly bite the

sweet juices of my appetite

Your muscled chest and fine physique

Burns inside of me a uncontollable flame

I cover you with my glorius sheeth and

feel the deepness of you inside of me

Ride you like a growing wave of the ocean

Till it finally hits shore in a exploding rage

Soaked in wetness of passionate bliss

I pull you over on top of this

And make you do it all over again

Sensual arousal of humanity

Take me now and do as you wish

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Anime(Part 5)


I love Anime-

It's the best in the world.

Anime helps me

To keep calm

When I'm down.

Anime, Anime-

How it's wonderful!

Anime helps me keep my cool

When I could end up

Having a meltdown.

I love Anime,

It's so cool-

So much

I wish it

Could be taught in school.

Too bad

It ain't, huh?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wow...I wrote this like a week or so ago when I was bored. It was while I was in school. Well I guess this shows that Anime also cures boredum, right?

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Dragon's Revenge

Night falls and my day is dawning,

I awaken and begin yawning.

Hidden deep within this dark cavern,

Forced into solitude by men of the tavern.

But comes the night, I am on my own,

And I repay them as a mighty dragon.

I leave this place and take wing,

And vent my fury on those miniscule things.

As I fly, their banishment stirs my ire,

Then they pay in my consuming fire.

They know not it is me, they banished long ago,

And those I have faced will never know.

Crispy and crunchy, I will give you that,

Tasting a lot like rosemary chicken with a butter pat.

Come the dawn I return to my lair,

To take my rest in my easy chair.

Come the night once more to roam,

Til the sun begins to rise then it is away home.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just for fun.

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To Sasuke The Awesomest Anime Dude


Sasuke you're so awesome-

Not because of your kekkei genkai,

But because you're you.

We have lots in common-

If you were real,

We would get along so well.

You may seem so cold-hearted

Towards most people,

But to me that doesn't matter.

All that matters is

That you are

Yourself-and nothing else.

Even though you're not real,

That won't stop me

From loving you.

I love you Sasuke-

With all my heart.

The love I have

For you

Wouldn't change in a million years.


I'm sorry about

What happened when you were younger.

I'm sorry that

Your brother caused

You so much pain.


On a day-to-day basis

You make me smile.

It doesn't matter

How obnoxious

You sound when you're yelling at Naruto.

The only thing

That matters

Is that your prescence calms me.


Ever since we met,

I'm filled with happiness.

I shall say this


I love you so much!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem today out of inspiration from the best Anime dude around...Sasuke! I just wanted to express my love to him in words and on paper.

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