Love's Prophecy

Oldies :)

Shadows fall
Dark green sycamores
A drop on every leaf
Tip tap...tip tap...
Listen to the forest's rhythm
Travel past the veil of water
To where the clouds touch the earth
Look up
Touch the sky
It's at your fingertips
Cast your eyes behind you
But don't look back on yesterday
See only the future
Standing before you
Dressed in white
Be quick now
Make haste
Or it will escape you
Pay no heed to things around you
What lies ahead...
Is all that matters now
It will lead you to your destiny.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's got some meaning behind it that perhaps only the author knows. ^_^

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...Want to...

I admire your every action

I stare at your every feature

I obsess over every observation

I am open to your every suggestion

I am aware of your every achievement

I am proud of every one of your flaws

I...feel your heard beat

I...Predict your every thought

I...Taste your body's radience

I...feel your climax rushing through you

I...See myself through your impressive eyes

I...Know the last thought to cross your mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm still working on this. But I wanted to get the idea down, while it was still there.

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a world away (for her)


Grim and alone

pain in a world so real

blood to the touch

rot to the smell

agony through the sight

though the blind can lead the blind

of all the gifts in me insanity is my greatest and my worst

cuts heal

blood dries

she can cry

tears will dry

hugs await you

kisses mourn for you

my heart aches for you

my hands miss you

my eyes dream of you

pain is to real

when you cry i wash your tears away

when your hands get cold i hold you

those scars are there,but my heart bleeds from them

you scream in fear,i held you tightly to comfort you

your a footstep away from being a world away.

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Child Wanna Be

Look in the mirror, what do you see?

A child wanna be.

A child views the world so simply,

No worry, no responsibility.

A child is free to talk to imaginary friends,

Make up stories that have no end.

Two parents to love them and hold them near,

When lightening is about and they fear.

Parents they can draw little projects for,

That will be hung on the refrigerator door.

A child’s world is the last taste of true freedom we see,

Yes, in the mirror is that child wanna be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If we could just go back to those times and see the world through children's eyes. Unfortunately when we do, it is called dementia. This poem was inspired in part by Judy's (snowmansmom) son Harlan. Harlan for those of you who don't know is 4 ish and is having a pretty rough time medically. I got to speak with him a couple of days ago and even with all he is going through, the cheerfulness in his voice was unmistakeable. Sounded to be quite a pistol of a young man.

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Wish I could catch the golden moon

and spin its rays into a tune,

a lunar song to please the ear

would ring across the global sphere.

I'd sprinkle it with notes of stars,

with universal cosmic bars.

The planet's chords I'd pluck and strum,

invite the galaxies to hum,

till all creation's joyful song

inveigled man to sing along.

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Realistic fantasy

Are you the one here to save me

Take me away from this fantasy

Swoop me in your arms

Our love thicker than yarn

You are pulling on the string to my spool heart

Let it unravel crumble apart

Swing me by the vines of the wicked tree

Save me from my twisted reality  

Grab upon the vibrant flower in my hair

Let it go flutter through the air

Caress the me with your softness

Nothing seems hopeless

You look deep into my brown eyes

Slowly, I become hypnotized

My love, I say  

The moon shines down to unleash the light

Carry me away into the night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just wrote this, I think it is swell.

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Dragon's Eyes

Dragon?s eyes reflect gold

They symbolize peace and what beauty beholds

Dragon?s eyes reflect bronze

They symbolize nature and the endless stream?s cons

Dragon?s eyes reflect fire

They symbolize power and faithfulness towards their sire

Dragon?s eyes reflect strength

The symbolize strong minds, and shorten pain?s length

Dragon?s eyes reflect freedom

They symbolize hope and the powerful voice of wisdom

Dragon?s eyes reflect beginnings

They symbolize gold ages and see the end of all meanings

Dragon?s eyes reflect what has linked man and beast

They symbolize partnership, what has been, is, and will continue to be

Dragon?s eyes reflect what your eyes long to see

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first fantasy poem ever ^ ^. Enjoy!

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What Lies Beyond

I shall follow your gleam to the end of my dream

Or wherever it may lead

For I need your light to enhance the sight

Of the paths which intercede

Which way is best? Be it East or West

Or all points in between

Cause I've seen the worst and I need reversed

To find what dreams can mean

Why are they here? Their meaning's unclear

And I long to understand

Whose hand's in control and where is the soul

Of this oft-untrodden land?

If I'm to remain,I must forego the pain

Whcih settles in my mind

And seek the way to the dawning day

Somewhere far behind

Yes,your gleam I'll follow even though I'm hollow

And entirely void inside

Hiding from only myself,tis a lonely

And long rollercoaster ride

When shall it end? Up around the next bend

Or am I forever doomed

To gloom and despair lost in nowhere

Until I reach the tomb?

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The Perfect Boy.

I want him to hold me tight

All through the night

I want him to wipe away my tears

and chase away my fears

I want ever touch

To mean so much

I want every kiss

To be pure bliss

I want every "I love you"

To be sincere and true

I want him to sing me a song

that he's worked on for so long

I want him to look into my eyes

And tell me no lies

I want him to hold my hand

And also be his friend

I want him to let me play with his hair

Then be fun and play truth or dare

I want him to make me laugh

I'll mean all that and half

He won't give me a dozen roses

Rather he knows

I'd like a flower from the neighbors yard

Is that so hard?

I want to lay on the ground and look at the stars

And find the picture and art

I want him to play with my nose

While he holds me close

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