As the night sky wears the moon as its pendant,

You hold me so close, so tight,

As I stare at your face and lie in your strong embrace

You remind me of a rose in plain sight.

As I listen to your soft-toned voice, you pull me even closer

So near that I can hear the sound of your heart beat.

You then kiss me ever so tenderly on the cheek

And I begin to feel your heat.

I can smell the sweet incense in the dense air

As I look into the dark pools of your eyes,

I can see our future together as one,

Living our long and wonderful lives.

The smiling moon shines brilliantly into the dimly lit room

As though the Heavens approved of our being together,

The night so radiant as if they too were smiling down upon us,

And blessing us with a life as one forever.

My love for you is eternal,

And you feel the same way for me, so it seems

But what makes my heart and soul ache the most,

Is that this reality is only in my dreams. . .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another love poem... if only that reality wasn't only in my dreams...

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