Dream Lover

She comes to me

Like an ethereal mist,

I am enthralled by her grace,

She invites me to a trist,

As my heart begins to race.

Her hair silvered

In the glow of the moon,

A body delivered,

To make one swoon.

I stand to go

As she beckons me,

And I know

I should flee.

Her power is great

As her body undulates.

Her diaphanous gown separates,

Revealing soft curves to sate.

The power of lust luring me to my doom,

I step over the edge

Plummeting down, down, down,

Eminent death looms.

I awaken with a start,

Look over at the woman,

Who had won my heart.

I realize it was just a dream

As I crash to my death

A blood curdling scream.

By huck hickson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The old mind wandered again and my muse took over the keyboard.

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jgupta's picture

Sounds like a nightmare! Have a god time in muse as such scares.