Cat And Dog (Cat, Dog, Sang)

Cat and dog are at it again
they're trying to impresss me,
but they are not fooling anyone
by singing for their food, daily.

I can't wait to hear this
wonder what song they'll sing,
it may be blues or even dance
such happiness to them, it brings.

I think it's torture on the ears
hearing them every single day,
I'm starting to think they're tone deaf
in each and every way.

Stand in front of the fireplace
snapping fingers and tapping toes,
they sang their song to me
they'd sing high, then go very low.

It's something they just came up with
didn't make any sense to me,
they even took turns dancing
I was tired of listening to their plea.

One would howl, the other meow
but not in the way you'd think,
they had switched places, you see
I heard giggling, then they'd wink.

I thought that was pretty clever
even for a dog and cat,
they'd twirl their canes, 'round and 'round
as I watched them tip their hats.

I think that maybe this time
they had outsmarted me,
they stood there with smiles
when they saw me with food AND treats.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem written for children. I figured I'd put a little humour close to the end.

My Little Blue Robin Egg


This one time,
when I was younger,
I had an encounter
with a blue robin's egg.

I was about six,
and was walking up my street,
wearing nothing on my bear feet.
It was the night after a storm.

I was hyper,
and started goofing around.
This was when I found
the little blue egg.

I look up and saw,
several feet above me,
a bird's nest in a tree.
That was where the egg fell from.

I knelt a little and
carefully put my hands around
the egg, and lifted it off the ground.
I then started walking back home.

I walked slowly,
and at a steady pace.
I wan't going to race
home and risk dropping my egg!

When I finally got home,
I showed my mom my find,
which was, in my mind,
now mine.

So we got a box,
placing a cloth that was red,
inside for my egg's bed,
and then I was almost done.

So I closed the box,
so my egg would be protected by it,
like a ball in a baseball mit.
But it didn't work.

I had pushed too hard,
and the flaps closed too much.
I suddenly heard a crunch!
I flung the flaps back open.

The sight was horrible!
To my horror,
my egg was no more.
I had killed my baby robin!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem about the time I found a blue robin's egg, and what happened to it!
Please comment and let me know what you think!

20 Years (Forever, My Mother)

For my first taste of air. For my first chance to cry. A pain i can't compare. You felt through the night. So red, so fragile. So small, so cold. You held me in your arms not wanting to let go

Too young to keep track. Of the time flying by. But a dream has been shattered. Right before your very eyes. The man who's supposed to love. To cherish and to care. Left you brokenhearted. He left you in despair.

Wounded, broken and bruised. You were scarred for life. But strong did you stood. For your two innocent child. Weeks turned to months. And months turned to years. Never stopped breaking her back. All in the name of her children.

As you grew weary and older. Watching us grow became your only pleasure. Somedays your eyes filled with tears. Some of joy and some of dissapointment. But not a second gone by. Has your love for us waiver. Still remember the day you said, 'my sons, you are my only treasure'.

But fate is what they call it. The inevitable happened much too soon. They tell me to accept it. That God loves her more then we do. As we stood there watching. Dirt piling up. I know she will live forever. Always alive in my heart.

20 years was all i had. To spent with the one woman. Who have never stopped loving me. Even in my darkest moment. 20 years was all i was given. Was all that i was granted. To be with my one true love. Forever, my mother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a little something i wrote about my late mother. it's been 3 years but i've never stop missing her.

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On Darker Horizons


In his mind, faded images of their faces remained;
the terror in their eyes as they were ripped from his arms,
still burned hot within is grieving soul.
In his hands, he could still fee the grip of his children,
as though though they were still beside him, still being taken to safety;
still being protected from the rabid infected.
The shrill cries of suffering and confusion echoed on in his head.
Even tighter, he gripped the hatchet.

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"Ode To My Son''

The best is just a reference point,of what I couldnt be,
But I will give my heart and soul, just make you come to me,

I will say I've tried so hard, but selfishness blocked my way,
To have you look into my eyes and not believe the words I say,

I deserve all your pain, and anything you desire.
Guess it was how I was taught, rewards come to the liar,

Sorry for all those little things, that I've let slip threw my hands,
Apologies have set the way, In this desolate land;

I have seen some things in life, that you should never see,
And I will try to protect you from, the demon that is me,

Lovely nights of endless light, tears fall to my feet,
Distance is my enemy, that I now have to reap,

For the days will finally come where you will become a man,
And you will tell ur distant son, the monster that I am,

Through a phone, is never the way, your heart should be let go.
My intentions where never this, this is something that you should know.

This is the turning point, I did what I could do,
I somehow could never be me, me in front of you.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem I wrote about my oldest son and the issues we've had...

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The Rope Swing

I watched as the rope swing swung and children laughed-
an interloper I- but yet I stayed
and watched for hours from the bench- they thought me daft
to waste a sunny day tucked in the shade.
But this bench for me became a small life raft
that saved me as the day began to fade.
For life, as days like this, to quickly end,
when bodies rest and souls alone must wend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments are greatly appreciated... Thank you for reading.

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Bastion's Lullaby

Oh Bastion, oh mine,
rueful and pink;
cleansed by the way folk
above Den Retreat.
They coddled your larder
and sank you in sod;
made you all rotten
by way of facade.
You smelled of the passing,
you looked badly burned
but I had no reason
to divulge what I'd learned.
You weren't mine for keeping,
you weren't mine at all;
you came from another
who's long seen the road.
Your matted gold hair locks
all caking with clod,
and each cheek so skinny,
so thinning and not.
I fear the dark too,
just as you'd cry.
I couldn't protect us,
I couldn't provide.
Bastion my only,
Bless me, forget
that I once existed
and let loose your hand.
Bastion my darling,
I'm finding my road.
Sleep for a while.
Sleep and you'll dream.

Buying cigarettes for a minor

I did something that I seriously regret.
I bought my teenage son a pack of cigarettes.
I didn't know that it is illegal to buy cigarettes for kids.
Now I'm spending a year in jail because of what I did.

It was immoral to buy cigarettes for my son who is underage.
I'm scared to death because the cops have me locked in a cage.
I have something to say and I want to make myself quite clear.
If you buy tobacco for a minor, you will also go to jail for a year.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem but it really is illegal to buy cigarettes for a minor.

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My Rising Sons

This is of the love I share
With my sons I hold so dear
They are my life, my very world
They are the beings that are adored
They came into my life against my will
But I love them all my heart even still
I would not give them for the universe
They are my blessing, not a curse
Every day I hold them and play
How I care for them I cannot say
Through the smiles and the tears
Through their triumphs and their fears
I will be there with comfort and love
Whether or not they push and shove
When they play and when they fight
I will be there to help with all my might
No matter what happens to me in life
I will watch them grow and live with strife
Death will never come for me
Until they are strong enough to see
The love I feel for them is strong
Even beyond death, my heart is where they belong
They shine bright through my darkest hour
They are like the rising sun, sorrows they devour
They burn up the pain, they burn and bring joys
Perfect little beings, my precious baby boys

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About y 2 wonderful sons

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