The Curse of the Cat People


Catus hairus

Ev'ry whereus!

Up and downus

On the terrace

It flutters east

It settles west.

No, not the cake...

I must protest!!

In the shower

Tucked in my bed

I pick and pick

Each hair I dread.

It's on the rug

That's the worst

As if you shed

At will, this curse.

What is it, cat,

Do you hate me?

I treat you right,

So let me be!!

I brush and comb

But, you just cry.

You scratch and squirm

Till I comply.

I let you be.

You think you've won.

You just wait

Till morning sun..

This must stop now!!

I'm so appalled.

Come here kitty,

Let's shave you bald!!!!   hehehhhehehheh!


where ya goin'  get back here...

here kitty, kitty...nice kitty..

No, don't jump in the jello.....

AWWWWWWW, give me a break, will ya....


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the tradition of Dr Seuss, this poem is dedicated to all cat lovers everywhere...this is my evil twin coming out again...teehee

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Playing In The Snow

Snow is falling

Solemn white dust

Bold Sierra peaks

Catch it with August tongues

Stuff it away for spring

In Earth's deep loins

The stormclouds giggle

Play hide and seek in the trees

Cover their eyes and swiftly

Count down from sheltering canyons

Until stern father Sun calls them home

And the wind motherly chastens them

For scattering toys unruly stormclouds

Sit in their corner discontentedly

Smile at the snow

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the lie

He said he would be there

He told me he would be by my side do us part

I loved hem

I gave hem my heart

But he broke my heart

He lied

He hurt me so much

They day after we had so much love

We had a spark but now its gone

I told hem that he was everything.

I told hem I love hem

I told hem I would be there

I told hem I would be by his side do us part

But he broke my promise to hem so I lied.

He hurt me now I am stuck with his kid

And no money for food no money for a blanket

No money for life

no time for myself

no time for my freinds

no life

just a life at home

on the streets

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The Willow Tree


In my backyard

  I find myself

Sitting under the Willow tree

  Wondering one day

What I might be

  Where I might go

Who I might see

  I close my eyes

Count to three

  Take me where

I want to be...

As movie star I'll go far

I'll play the lead

And win the Oscar!

I'll skate the ice and win the gold

As an ice skater

I'll never get cold

I want to see the stars

I'll be an astronaut

The first on mars

I'll keep the puck from the goal

As a hockey player

Everyone will know

I'll be a singer in a band

Become famous

Travel all over the land

I'll paint the stars up in the sky

On a canvas

An artist am I

I'll strengthen the children of our nation

As a teacher

Making sure kids get their education

Design houses and buildings for everyone

I'm an architect

Now that would be fun

Fighting crime in cities and towns

A police officer I will be

The best one around

Making decisions to better our country

A president I'll be

Everyone will love me!

Revised 07-10-07

Jennifer Yates

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Right now this is a poem.. soon I may revise it and it will be a children's book...

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On Children

Copyright 12/1/00

Seeing a child sitting there

With wonderment in his eyes,

Whether to climb up with the help of a chair

Or dump the trash to give mom a surprise.

Their innocent looks appears so kind

Is this to mask a malevolent mind.

What is it? I must explore.

Dump this, topple that, what is behind this door?

Play hide and seek as mom tries to leave for work,

She doesn’t think this fun?  Gee! What a Jerk.

Now she wants to play 20 questions about the keys I hid,

I really don’t remember, but they are under some lid.

All this play is how I learn

And remembering that will keep you from a slow burn.

This is the time I will learn more than the rest of my life.

Putting me on the right path will reduce your strife.

Play with me and watch me learn,

As wonderment changes to knowledge at every turn.

Be my mentor and playmate as well,

Mold me as clay for time will tell.

From child to boy, boy to man

What I will be, comes from who I am.

Lead me to knowledge and help me to be,

Someone you are proud to see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A fun thing with a message.

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Song Lyrics

Memories of the days

  When life was so unreal

You could run through green pastures

  With pickers poking at your heels

When you were too young to know

  What was right and what was wrong

When you would tell your mommy

  What you had done all day long

Days were fulfilled one by one

  There was nothing to worry about

You were having too much fun

  A child with dreams beyond the sky

Dreams that she thought and hoped, would never die

  Time stood still

When she roamed the earth

  Everyone would stop and stare

They’d been watching her since birth

  A child so precious and fresh

No one could imagine how much she was loved


Memories, some good others not too bad

  A gift from god

One that no one could have

  An angel so special

She was sent from above

  To let us know that we were loved.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Children are our most prized gifts.  Let's remember what they give to us without asking anything in return.

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Hard-hearted Hannah is always chasing after rats.

If you try to dissuade her you'll just get a spat.

She is very independent, practically to a fault,

aloof, curious, doesn't give me a thought.

She hangs out in alleys and dark places.

She gazes longingly into open spaces.

But, when she's needy, without a doubt,

She'll be after me to take her out.

Such a self-absorbed female,

no question about that.

But it's ok, 'cause she's my cat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Angel of mine


My little Angel

Flying high

I watch over you

With a cautious eye

Wishing I could change

So many things

For the path you take

To be kept clean

So beautiful you are

With a kind

Gentle soul

Many thoughts in mind

I know I can only

Lead you so far

And then I must leave you

Even though it's hard

Unfortunately one day

You will be old enough

To make your own choices

And it may become rough

I have come to accept this

Knowing instilled within you

My strength in heart

And your father's vigorous soul


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my daughter....

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