I’ve made a few mistakes in my life. I can say that with aplomb

I wore a blue brocade tux with a top hat and cane to my junior/senior prom.


I once let a beautician curl my hair...now that was really astute!

I thought a curly head of hair would do wonders for my new blue leisure suit.


She said a perm would make my baldness seem fuller and my love life it would prolong.

When it was over it took but one look in the mirror to know that she was wrong.


My hair looked like a rebellious Brillo pad and I’m not being indiscreet

when I say the only female attracted to me was a French Poodle down the street!


In college while out drinking with friends I pretty much sealed my fate

when I cozied up to a pretty cheerleader and asked her for a date.


Was it the alcohol or was it love that made me forget I’d have to contend

With her boyfriend…sitting next to her…

was he the quarterback or a tight end?


I don’t remember, but I know my distilled confidence made me feel bold and brave and brash.

What happened next is a bit of a blur...

I woke up face down in the trash.


The point here is we all make mistakes

 they await us around every turn.

We shouldn’t be afraid to make them 

because from them we’ve so much to learn.


Without mistakes we wouldn’t have the chocolate chip cookies so many of us crave.

The slinky would have never been invented...

no post it notes or microwaves.


There would be no penicillin, 

no fireworks would ever be seen.

Without mistakes we’d see a straight tower in Pisa 

and miss that beautiful lean.


We will try and fail many times in our life, 

sometimes we’ll crash...

sometimes we’ll fly

but the biggest mistake we will ever make...

is when we fail to even try.


True I didn’t get a date with the cheerleader 

but I still remember to this day

Her smile and that wink she gave me 

as her huge boyfriend dragged me away.


I remember that moment with fondness...

I know as a couple we would have been cute.

She, the beautiful cheerleader, 


and me in my blue leisure suit.

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I bring to you a memory…a story that undertakes

to show we never know what lesson we will learn from our mistakes.


Years ago I took my students on a field trip to Tarpon Springs

We visited the sponge docks and took a boat ride…of all things.


The plan was…after we finished with our spongy ocean jaunt

we would eat a sit down lunch in a nice Greek restaurant.


I put all my students money in two envelopes in the pocket of my coat

one half was for the restaurant…the other for the boat.


The boat ride was magnificent…a fun morning in the sun

and after paying off our captain…he hugged us…everyone…


He made it a point to thank each one of us before we went away…

I wondered if all Greek captains were as happy…or just him…that day.


The meal at the restaurant was amazing……the perfect way to end our day

but I ran into a little snag when it came time to pay.


When I reached for the second envelope inside the pocket of my coat

I realized I’d given both envelopes…all our money…to the captain of the boat.


It seems what enhanced the captain’s happiness…was my tiny, little slip

as I gave him something in the neighborhood of a $300 dollar tip.


So there I was at the restaurant…where…to my dismay

after we all finished eating…I had no money left to pay.


My students were blissfully unaware…they seemed as happy as can be

so I reached into my wallet and took out my credit card…Plan B.


I have made a lot of mistakes in my life…and I’m sure I’m not done yet

but the mistake I made that day is one I never will forget….


It’s the day I learned mistakes can also be blessings

for when I see that captain’s smile in my memory from way back then

I like to think if given the chance


I’d make the same mistake…again.

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This is a story mixed with sadness…a story of inhumanity

It’s story mixed with madness…a story of brutality


It’s a story of people who didn’t look like US

who could not understand

how we wanted them to go away

how we wanted them off of ‘our’ land..


How we were willing to push them aside

to our own honor and dignity betray..

How we were willing to turn our backs…

and force them to go away.


How we were willing to allow their children

to be stripped from their parents’ arms.

How we were willing in the name of America

to cause such lasting harm….


Of course I’m taking about Native Americans and American Japanese

who endured America’s fear and bigotry and atrocities such as these…


But this all happened long ago, you say!

Give America a break!

We are a different country now!

We have learned from our mistakes! 


That was a less civilized…less enlightened America, you say

We have changed a lot since then.

There’s no way in America today…


this could ever happen again!

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He said, “My father offered me two pieces of advice

that have worked my whole life through,

and now that you are old enough

I offer them to you”:


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

for no matter how often you’re burned,

don’t think of it as a mistake…

think of it…as a chance to learn.


Think of it as an opportunity

rising from a momentary shame.

Besides, if you never make a single mistake…

how often would you hear your name.


And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It means your conscientious…your concerned.

It’s does not show your weakness…

It shows your willingness to learn.


If you are confused or befuddled in life,

if it’s knowledge that you lack…

Who better to ask about the road ahead…

than those who are coming back.


And I listened to my father’s words…

For in the countless mistakes I’ve made…

and in all the times I’ve asked for help…

I have never been afraid.



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Rough Draft play on words

Abuse them and use them to manipulate and motivate

but look at me i’m coming with no estate

words are all that i have so i wont inflate

how i feel on the real not here to steal what i lost.

but just a date is all i want all i wanted to navigate from this state

im stuck baby no license plate

i dont belong not my fate

so please dont send me in a crate along the interstate

you know i am so delicAte, this aint no watergate

im just here to push you higher just levitate

i will clean my shit, wont hesitate, rejuvinate

im not saying reciprocate

but let me demonstrate

that we can originate

mistakes wont replicate

you say you hate me, try and assasinate

you should know our love will never dissapate

im not saying this for the reputate

but i wish we would never seperate

im scared of when we graduate

so is it too late to tell you that my shit is straight?

with us, we fluctuate

Any chance you’re still my soul mate


if you are, how bout that date?

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