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I Sometimes Wonder

Sanctuary of Heart

I sometimes wonder
How one can oversee their mistakes and come up with nothing

I sometimes wonder
How can one hurt the only people he claims to love?

I sometimes wonder
How the sun and moon could be so loyal to one another for so long to make up day and night without afflictions but a simple human cannot

I sometimes wonder
If she would take me back in her heart once again and forgives all my transgressions

I sometimes wonder
Why do people do what they do?

A Look At The Clown

A Look At The Clown


A Look At The Clown

A Look At The Clown here ye, here ye & here ye wash past the rice pudding threw the blanket of trust; shine forth the diamond fold in a land of make belief the sheriffe sent you; In a land filled with a temporal means; Sundays, through each fluid hat Under the big top... The clowns will surprise you through the field of dreams a taught witness filled with no regrets A dime bag filled with pot Each step of the way burning chimneys along the oceanic sound filled griefs A look at the clown, Chase passed the tortured souls leap through the kitchen light We are sold without the street walker I'm accountable, a trust to include; the bread that was turned of eleventh scent The flop filled suit Dances, laughs & trust here ye, here ye, here ye The circus came to town alongside the bearded woman A band to mix up the fable Celtic quench In the mirror the clown has tears over flowing Wizard of Oz


We're living in a society
that's totally blind you see
some claim life is but a mystery
but I fainly disagree
what is to come has been foretold
many years ago in a book
many search for truth in a garbage can
let the reader understand
some walk on broken glass
alaways looking for a quick pass
others foam at the mouth then bitch and pout
yet there are few that seek the real you
you came as a babe in the manger
then sought Herod to bring danger
to kill many of the young but you escaped the murder
you came onto your own and your own recieved you not
was baptized by John who was well pleased
in time you would climb with prominence to some
for many wanted to keep their sin
so they took it all in but then
dismissed you to the pigs
was tempted by Satan in the desert
but your never surrendered to his hidden desires 
instead insisted that he was a liar
as you were spit upon then thongs for no reason then the crucifixion
you still knew you had a plan
never gave up along the way
but instead asked the Father to stay
at last it was finished
it still wasn't over
for in three days you would rise
with no surprise you visited the waiting few for breakfast
you were there from the beginning as to the end
my faithful loving friend

Out Of the Air



Out of credibility we can look deep inside & seek.
Sought a peace digging deeper then ever before.
Today there are lines being drawn in the sand
So I hope you all understand the premise of this discussion.
Which is to stop the hate immediately and join hands in love for your fellow man
Time is certainly short and with time we can't ever get it back.
I'm through with trying to tell people how to live their lives and I'm focusing my energy on the creative writing of poetry.
Further, I extend an olive branch loving tender blessing to all those that don't believe in God even to those that do.
Realizing we all fall short of who we are to become as men and women of faith.
Love should become the essence of our inner existence let us learn to shun its resistance.
Out of every circumstance we can show love not hate.
Ultimately everyone has free will & your heart can't beat something it clearly will not.
I'm happy to report that my poetry has affected those non believers, atheists and believers in a most positive way.
Let us show appreciation to one another & again stop all the hate that going around.
Out of sincere peace,

What My Baby Wants

What My Baby Wants


a surer firer way to advance

giving a bargain basement chance

prone to quivere atached to each picture;

wind ware the end is almost in sight

shallow pools on its ancient rye


turned to the glass a proper chief pass

love is to reach out on the grass

shadow peraks prone to belief

what my baby wants


to become unpluged in the heist

learn from the door man

out from a decorated horse

placed in a confidence piece of children


love through a dercorated beam mast

showcase the evidence of love

It's All The Same

To clarify... I don't scream into the microphone.


I scream into your soul... THROUGH the microphone!

banish all those demons lurking enjoy it all

goals & ambitions test the same

now we watch as the pattern takes an image

There are two kinds of dreams. 

There are dreams that we have while asleep and dreams that we have while we are awake. 

What is the connection between the two types? Both kinds of dreams are about the yearnings that are held deep inside us.

 Some of these desires are so secret that we dare not share them even with our closest friends. 

Those of us that dare to put our dreams down on paper are showing the courage and faith that they will come true.

We pray to someone but when it's all  said & done...

It's really all the same with just a different name.


Monet's Last Whisper

Monet's Last Whisper


Shattered through the water lillies

faithful light

consummed in flight

here is the aura by which was lost

raindrops..re climatic hero

dust the window

fresh start as the wind blow

shattered glass

a ball on the grass;

poison sirene drops of the puzzle will shine...


put your poem into the room

follow the path in their uncertain doom

room for more rivers torn burn

Monet, why do you need to begin again ?


a distant shell reveals the code

all nature records to be brush the sky

to airbush the distant ground of what was waiting for

the crest heal in a way of hiding


to capture a dear whisper in halowed discovery

Safe beyond the hidden bruise

Safe beyond the hidden bruise


chase back a hidden breeze

fall down to your knees

spreading the disease

take your sport at ease

share with others at you please

companion...salvation..do it to your turn

love in shelter way to soon

piercing the direct link

Nice Trial

 Hundred years ago society classes were all about caricature. As well as wealth. Say that you have a very long finger nail. That would be a sign that says you are not putting your hands in a stressed out situation. And you can show off how long you have been in that position of comfort


Or they just picked a big whopping bugger and they have to share with everyone else. Been saving that one for the past week and I picked a winner. Is that guy done turning my chicken for dinner. See they didn't have a mechanical rotisserie. They had someone to stand there for hours and slowly turn under low heat. We came long way from hundred years ago.