[verse x-1]

I'll be here when you need me

Said the Hammer to the Man

I'll be here when you need me

Said I to all my "friends"

[verse x-2]

They picked me up and used me

Like a tool at their command

But now they will feel sorry

Without me anymore


[pre chorus x-1]

I'm the fire on your wick

That kept you from burning out


But now (Like "I had" in Skin O My Teeth)

I'm sick of (Say it like "Sicka") bein' warmhearted

When life starts getting cold


Don't get pissed when I fight back

When you know that I'm right

Don't get distraught with me

When you know you're wrong

(Higher vocals/guitar start here)

I will fight til you back away

Like I always do



[verse xx-1]

I was your backbone so long

It felt so right for us both

Through thick and thin I was there

Never letting you down

[verse xx-2]

I'm done being the pillars

That held you up when you slumped

I crumble right beneath you

And watch as you tumble

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song = Skin O' My Teeth
Band = Megadeth

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