No Greater Love

The words were not encouraging
Their impact made her reel
She stood in total disbelief
Not sure of what to feel

"This isn't really happening
I feel like I could scream
I know that any minute now
I'll wake up from this dream"

She left the doctor's office
Took the stairs up to his floor
Then briskly walked toward his room
And opened up the door

He lay there in the bed
His face was gaunt and ghostly white
She wasn't even sure
If he would make it through the night

She ran her fingers through his hair
And leaned to touch his cheek
His breathing was so labored
He could barely even speak

She held his little hand in hers
And said, "I love you, Billy"
He tried to smile and whispered back
"And I love you, too, Mommy"

She told him he should go to sleep
And that she'd be right back
Then headed toward the chapel
As she got her thoughts on track

"God, how could you do this"
She questioned with her soul
"Why would you take him from me
He's only six years old"

"I'll never get to watch him grow
Or see his first school play
There won't be time for him to date
I'll miss his wedding day"

"But most of all, I'll miss his laugh
Those smiling eyes of blue
The way her used to show me
All the things that he could do"

"His birthday is two weeks away
He won't last another year
I promised him a party
But I don't think he'll be here"

She suddenly felt tired
Put her head down on the seat
And as she drifted off to sleep
She felt the warmest heat

Then she heard a female voice
That spoke so soft and mild
"There is no greater love
Than that of mother for her child"

"You hate to lose your son
He's been your child and your friend
But death is not a punishment
Nor is it just an end"

"I know this is the hardest thing
You ever will go through
I understand the pain you feel
For I'm a mother, too"

She left the chapel pew
With feelings swimming in her head
She walked into his room
And saw him sitting up in bed

"Mom, I saw a lady
She was beautiful and kind
And when she took me by the hand
I didn't even mind"

"She told me not to worry
I would still be turning seven
I'll celebrate my birthday
With the angels up in heaven"

He suddenly grew quiet
And she tried hard not to cry
Then kissed him on the forehead
And said her last goodbye

She buried her son Billy
One year ago today
But he is always with her
Part of each and every day

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Warriors of the Goddess

Rise now all from the Lady's battlefield
For this war shall never yield
Axe to axe, sword to sword
No one dares to say a word
Blood and limbs fall to the ground
This is the gore all around
Screams echo throughout the plain
Sounds of triumph and of pain
The music of battle plays loud and true
Fight and die is all they must do
Warrior to champion in a day
Now his lifeless body eternally shall lay
Goddess and God watch from above
Gazing upon their followers full of love
Another body, down forever
Trampled upon, noticed none what so ever
The warriors have tears upon their faces
Agony and love that will show for ages
Rise again to fight once more
Wounds heal like a closing door
They pick up their weapons as they rise
And bring upon their enemies great demise
Eternally they shall battle for their Goddess
And through that love, to them she will eternally bless

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is written from the point of view of a Celtic Cleric

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How many doors must be slammed in my face

before I get the picture?

How many times must I suffer

the depression from the doors being slammed.

You say be patient, and I feel I have been...

But I must now ask, When?


When, I ask, will it be my time?

I know I'm wrong for wanting it now,

for I know it all comes in time, but again I ask..

When will it be my time?


I see others around me, who work and who strive,

who claim they are walking with you, Lord.

They give so little yet they get so much,

and yet their time is filled.


For I know, Lord, you hold the keys.

From death and Hell you delivered me.

I'm growing more desperate with each passing day,

waiting for the chance, waiting for my time.


When, I ask, will it be my time?

I know I am wrong for wanting it now.

For I know it all comes in time, but again I ask...

When will it be my time?


The answer comes within the question.

For you see, that time is not upon this earth.

For those who receive their treasures here,

lose those treasures when they leave.


And those who are lucky enough to do without.

Have their treasures when they go.

It isn't my time now, Lord.

Because you have given to me,


The time which is meant to last a lifetime,

that time, is eternity.

Thank you for listening to my ranting, for enduring my annoying rave.

For through this asking about my time I realize, that it was my time which you did save.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This came at a rough time for me.. but I think a lot of people can relate to it.

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Devout and visibly God-fearing Muslims get ready for prayers
As the call for "Come to success" blares from mosque-speakers
All night long my whole being longed for communion with my God
My heart beating in love and my system weeping a flood of blood-filled tears
Is ritualistic prayer all that matters to You, tell me O Almighty Allah
Is any act without total intention really acceptable in Your Sight?
I have given my life and where-withal for the sake of Your limitless love
And for Your last Messenger, peace be upon him, have pledged my all
I seek, just like Prophet Moses did, peace be upon him too
To see the majesty of Your Being each day and night even I rue
So please look inside the real me O Lord God of all worlds
Mere and mechanical rituals mean naught to me or to You too...
I am all Yours, O my most loving and caring Almighty Allah
So, please include me among Thy true, faithful servants and lovers, O my Al-Wadood*
I just cannot go and pretend in front of the world like the others do, I can't O my All-Knowing Lord
But You, as I am aware, also know that very few love You like I do.
You have given me everything in terms of blessings, favours and honours
And the best of Your blessings upon me is a woman whose love I treasure
Nobody, thanks to You, is better than me in the poetic verses, You inspire in me
As revelations quivering in my heart  and making it soar higher and higher
In my literary endeavours and in the tasks You choose for me to do

O my Most Glorious Allah, I remain distinct too
So, forever grateful to You I am and know that all praise belongs to but You.
So, I say yet again, O my all-aware and ever protecting Al-Wali of mine
That I belong to You first and foremost and forever shall be Thine.
I accept that I do not observe rituals like robots and programmed machines
But humbly I point out, what You Yourself know, my love for You is greatest and sublime.
O, my Lord God Allah, nobody can work against Your Will and thrive
The Bible, The Glorious Qur'an and all true scriptures: they too do not lie:
When in each and all of them You have stressed on the heart, mind and soul
Being in total consonance with the rituals so that worship becomes truly whole
Of what we utter and what we do when kneeling and bowing our heads

In front of none but You, but tell do me, O dear God,

Isn't worship sans essence, like a being that is "dead"?
So, O  my Ar-Raheem,  let me not be among the ritualistic mechanical worshipers

Who rush to calls and bells when the calls and sounds clutter
But, this O my Rabbil Aalameen, I beg to Thee

Count me among those who live and die for You only.

(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on Feb 9, 2011)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, mentioned here is Prophet Muhammad.

*Al-Wadood is Arabic meaning "Most loving" and is one of the most beautiful Names of Allah as mentioned in the Arabic versions of the Glorious Qur'an.

*Al-Wali is Arabic meaning "Protecting Friend/Guardian" and is also one of the most beautiful names of Allah/God Almighty mentioned in the Glorious Qur'an.

*Ar-Raheem means the "Most Merciful" in Arabic and it is also one of the most beautiful Names of Allah/God Almighty mentioned in the Glorious Qur'an.

*Rabbil Aalameen means is Arabic for "Lord of all worlds" and refers to Allah/God Almighty.

Inspired by the pre-dawn incidents and street scenes on February 9, 2011. People, no matter to what religion they belong (I am a Muslim), have started giving more importance to ritual worship devoid of the purity and intention of the heart and soul, which springs from loving God Almighty as He deserves to be worshiped -- with all heart, mind, thought and intention along with unflinching purity of the soul. I am not criticising anybody or anybody's belief, faith, religion or way of worshipping God here. Far from that, I am only pointing out how I love my Allah/God Almighty with all my total whole and have even pledged by life and everything I have been given by Him to Him and Him alone. I love my Lord God Allah/God Almighty with all my faculties and do not subscribe to ritualistic acts lacking sincerity of purpose and sublimity of thought and purity of intention. And Allah/God Almighty knows this --- this unchallengable utmost love for Him above everything else. I am His and will always be His first and last....and pray that His protection, love, care, mercy, kindness and all-ecompassing love for not just me but all His creation ever remain as sublime lights of truth in every fibre of my believing total self. I stress yet again that only Allah knows the secrets of the hearts and minds of men, women and children, and I am not blaming or ridiculing or making fun of anybody here. I am only stressing on what the essence of true love for Allah/God Almighty must be inside all of us and how real worship should be. This is a mystical and metaphysical, religious poem and not a criticism of anybody human, belonging to any religion whatsoever, in any part of the world.

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Strong Faith

My faith in the Lord is strong.
He has never steered me wrong.
I have no wife or kids but I have God and he's all that I need.
He blesses people who are nice and who do good deeds.

When it comes to God, he's the one who I walk towards.
Even when bad things happen, we should still praise the Lord.
I have faith in him and I hope that you do too.
If you have faith, God will stick to you like glue.

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Now in the sixth hour darkness
filled the earth, in the ninth
hour, JESUS cried in a loud
voice, "MY GOD,MY GOD why
hath thou forsaken me

Crying again, he yielded to
death and the grave. As the
end of the sabbath began to
dawn, toward the first day
of the week.

The two Marys brought spices
to the place where JESUS lay.
There was  great earth-quake.
This world trembled on it's axis,
Darkness covered the land.

A loud voice from heaven rumbled
throughout this earth.

the grave belched, gave way, the
SON OF GOD, stood up  and
walked away.

The grave could not contain him.
He had defeated death and hell.
He had risen to live forever in
our hearts.

An angel of the Lord appeared
from heaven. His countenance
alike to lightening, his raiment
white as snow.Speaking in a
loud voice, He has risen, he is
not here. He lives forever more.
Sitting now on the right hand throne
of GOD..

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because he lives I can face tomorrow.

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A God I can't see

A God I can’t see

Each and everyday….

To the son, my savior, I pray.

Asking him to please

Remove my sins with ease.

And when he’s fulfilled my request

I try living my life the best.

While walking in his love

Knowing he’s watching me from up above.

Sometimes I stumble and fail

Though he won’t turn his back and bail.

He reaches out his hand

He helps my spirit to stand.

In the center of his light

Against the evils of Satan we fight.

I know one day we’ll win

Then the glory of Heaven will begin.

One day my body will die

My soul will be free to fly.

Up to the pearly gates

Where Saint Peter won’t make me wait.

He’ll open the gates real wide

And there; standing just inside.

Are those I have loved that have passed.

I’ll join them again at last.

Knowing I’ll never be alone

In death I’ve finely come home.

This is why on bended knee

I pray to a God I can’t see.

My faith in him so strong

I know it can’t be wrong.

To the father through the son

My salvation has begun.

©2005 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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