Viritenz Working Process and the Ingredients

Viritenz is a male enhancement product that claims to provide more sexual desire, stronger erections, more endurance, and erotic pleasure. The company also claims to have only natural and herbal ingredients that can help a man to achieve top sexual satisfaction and solve erectile dysfunction as well as other related problems.

Actually, sexual health is a vital part of everyone’s life. But it starts decreasing with age. Generally, the amount of testosterone starts to drop at such a higher rate that man cannot perform as expected in bed. As a result, tension rises up. They may use some good male enhancement product to get back their lost sexual health; however, today I am going to write about Viritenz review and the working process as well as its ingredients.

Ginseng Blend

This is basically a mixer of many types of Ginseng which supports androgen, which is known as a male hormone that is good for testosterone as well as sexual health. This may help to improve mood and energy level.

Powder of Pumpkin seed

Maybe you know that pumpkin seeds are a very popular source important minerals and vitamins such as potassium, zinc, and calcium and vitamin c, d, e, and k. These seeds are also famous because of its solution power of many types of prostate problem. But it also helps to improve sexual health.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is known as a natural Viagra, what that means is it can work to solve many sexual problems including erectile dysfunction. This is a very common ingredient that you may find in maximum male enhancement product.

Oyster extract

The oyster extract contains high amount f zinc and zinc helps to increase testosterone level. You have already known that men suffer from various sexual problems due to lack of testosterone. Oyster extract increases the level of testosterone and helps to improve overall sexual health.

Oat straw

It is an Ayurveda ingredient which is considered as a longevity herb. But it is believed that Oat straw increases the sexual satisfaction and thus help to improve the relationship.

Maca Root

It is a great ingredient that used to use treating fertility. Some claim that aphrodisiac qualities contain in this ingredient because it affects the testosterone level.

These are the main ingredients of the product. As you can see, the ingredients have the power to improve testosterone level. In addition, these also help to erect stronger and harder. Not only that, some ingredients improve the mood that increases libido.

Viritenz is a very good product for sexual problem. But we recommend all of you to consult with a doctor before taking Viritenz. You may visit Vkool.com to know more about Viritenz. You find the Viritenz review as well as other reviews about the similar product on Vkool.

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Popping pills



Schizophrenia can cause you pain


But it’s not as bad as being homeless in the rain


There’s a cure for being homeless they can keep you warm and dry


But there’s no cure for schizophrenia


Just take pills everyday to make the delusions go away


There’s no cure


Take pills everyday keeps you stable in some way


Without my meds I would loose my sanity


But at least I’m warm and cosy


Which would you prefer being homeless on the streets?


Or popping pills like they were sweets




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put down those pills! 2015

put down those pills! 2015


put down those pills is what she knew they need to say

for if they dont she might just take them anyway

she needs the sleep these pills shes certain they will bring

they will take her up to heaven on pretty angels wings

put down those pills is something she wishes she would hear

but all she hears is silence and that will cost her dear

shes good at hiding all her pain behind a cheery smile

but no one sees her heart break and wont go the extra mile

put down those pills is something no ones ever said before

she knows that if they do she will have a little hope and more

no ones ever looked in her eyes and seen a lot of sadness

they've never asked her no not once why she felt so hopeless

put down those pills she knows that if they do not say

she will be sleeping permanent in every possible way

but then one day she met some one and saw he did so care

and then he looked into her eyes and knew with certainty

what she had planed after he left that he didnt want to see

so then he took her by the hand and said put down those pills




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was dificult for me to write because i have had those pills in my hand and wished time and time again some one would say that to me and it happened just like that my friend looked me in the eyes and knew what i had planned to do for the second time in my life and he did tell me that very thing to put down those pills and i remember feeling like someone really does care, it was a great feeling knowing some one did,  i hope this poem can help some one to put down those pills because there are people out there who genuinly do care.


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 Substance in need to be controlled indeed 

Though not fully granted to me due to addictive tendencies

Why if it was once received before?

Don't continue again what sent me out the door

Though anger though sad though shaking still

Please do not put me on that horrifying pill

Though I run blank on day to day basis

There's still fond memory of those places 

Arrived for one thing not for two

Arrived to say what to do

One request lead to passive set

Though they have not forced me yet

Shall I return with promise unfulfilled 

To return at all would be no more if given that forsaken pill


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End Moonlight, End Darkness - April 16, 2012

Chapter One

Up all night again, sick of yourself.

Short breaths plague the black captivity.

You wish it could be back to normal,

Or at least degrade to a lesser severity.


Previous occurrences have moon light blood,

Now all to feel is the soft red warmness.

Consciousness progresses further into night;

Ending in moonlight becomes end in darkness.


Thoughts infect, searing pain in my brain;

My tolerance but a memory now digressing.

I can't take any more, I'm going insane;

Madness dragging me down, always progressing.


Paranoia, an occurrence so often wanted gone,

Is raging in my mind like it never has before.

Thinking situations and conclusions so wrong,

I'm sick, done, not tolerating this anymore.


A handful of pills, a quick bullet to my brain,

Or maybe a therapist, to tell me I'm insane.

It's hard to go on when you're barely alive;

It's hard to live when you're never recognized.

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Pill Head Junkie

Volume Three

Pill Head Junkie


Pump it straight up the vein, it becomes the shock that keeps you sane.
Always left picking up the pieces, of this shattered existence
and it becomes my bittersweet addiction, this wicked affliction.
An overdose is in the prediction, That will ultimately leave me in perdition.


It is the opiate blues, the withdrawal dues, stringing up my own noose.
My soul has already bled, and in this temple your god is dead.
I run for that ledge, in overdrive reaching for the edge
yet here is a dirty secret I harbor and must confess.


“In my mind I create and I destroy.
Entire worlds will fall to ash,
yet the truth is clear for I am just a boy.
Who could not even manage to stay in class.”


Watch the life fade from my eyes, like the caged lion who slowly dies.
I have lost my passion, gave up all hope and let this life kick me down,
while told not to make even the slightest sound. I want to defiantly stand,
however I can no longer feel the ground.


“Did I fry my brain while trying to stay sane.
In your game of madness to win you must sin
and I've had the chance to look around,
I just want to burn the bitch to the ground.”


Paging Dr. Frankenstein. Smart as an undead Einstein.
Looking sharp in his white lab coat, preying on the ignorant goat.
Dispensing a rainbow pill platter and at this party I am the mad hatter.
There was once a pill head junkie, a regular highschool flunky.


I have tried going sober, as my peace rests on a cold shoulder.
No longer do I care, that karma is a bitch and life is just not fair.
Stumbling into madness, welcome to my hell.
It is the chaos, with your own cell.


The saddest story of them all; A poet who has missed his call.
Potential lost when you choose to fall, running for that wall.
My biggest regret would be to not wager this bet,
for I am holding aces, and do not play favorites.


I hate the way you make me feel, a suicide run with a mentality to kill
I hate this ecstasy in which I bathe, the opiates coursing in my veins; that which I crave
It is the scent of the depraved, the twisted and the insane
and I can sniff it out a mile away.


I know the trickery being whispered into my ear,
that the reaper stands before me, and I should feel fear.


“There was once a pill head junkie,
a dropout, dead head; flunky.
It was what the world thought of him to be,
So that was all he wanted them to see.”


I hate the way you hold me back,
on the hunt, you are my prey and I will attack.
I hold no reservations when you are all about distractions.
Sarcasm is my low blow, as your reaction becomes my free show.
In all my rage, I could claim self medication.
Locked in my cage, It's for your own self preservation.

So make you assumptions, your accusations, and take your observations.
For it is your own obsessions, that has turned this into such a tragedy
and for that you will always fail in your quest for beauty.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

[Edited - Cleaned up messy Codeing]


This was a hard one to write, took me over 3 weeks to find the right words to put this one together... It touches on a very sensitive topic for me, I hope those who read it enjoy the write.... I myself have mixed feelings about this, perhaps writting is no longer helping me as much as I need... Anyway as always comments are apprichiated!!

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i'm depressed!
i reached this conclusion as i undressed.
i lay in bed unable to move, each day is filled with endless seconds without you.
i thought we'd never end, but abruptly, we did!
what's the point of telling me you love me when you leave me alone and cold?

i'm depressed!
i stare at the computer feeling worthless.
i shove food in my mouth trying to fill the hole you left.
i'm unmotivated and uninterested.
what used to enthrall me now bores me to tears.
when you cut me off you took my heart.

i'm depressed!
i confess the pills aren't effective.
i feel the slide down into despair pick up speed.
every ache, every pain, i blame on you.
i try to occupy the hollow hours where you used to be,
but nothing sets my tortured soul free.

i'm depressed!
you'd laugh and declare me useless.
i miss the little things that annoyed me the most.
do you feel better now?
or, like me, do you still have my ghost to exorcise?
i feel incomplete, like there was no closure.
you felt there was because you never answer when i call.

i'm depressed!
i hope time can heal this emotional mess.
the demented days hand out their punishment.
our pictures of happiness taunt me from the wall.
i want to burn them all.
i rock back and forth in a pathetic dance.
i surrender to this moment.
God help me, I'm depressed!

Capsule Face


Capital face, give me a pill

You're a disgrace, give me a pill

Stopping the shakes, give me a pill

I've made mistakes, give me a pill...


Give us a capsule to blot out the noise

Useless regalia, I just couldn't care

All I remember is what happens next

All I'm forgetting is what doesn't matter

I live alone now, I love only me

I sleep on my own now, give it for free

My bed is half empty, I'm just the same

Under the floor boards is my claim to shame

Give us a reason to get up for work

Anything really, can't give a damn

The morning will find me with dust in my mug

Hanging my head out open windows

I wasn't home now, leave me a ring

Let's just be friends before it's a thing

My kitty's arrived, maybe he'll stay

Everything's clean, let's keep it that way


Give me a pill to blanket the void!

Give me the means to what was destroyed!

Give me the truth that was promised to me!

Give me the vague and ambiguity!


Give us a go and tell me we're fine

Trusted to you, we're trusting you too

Reign the belonging but settle us square

Giving us something, just isn't worth it

Chew it and pick, tones of the quick

Righteous relation with and befit

Pocketed something of which wasn't paid

Stopped at the door at which he delayed

Give us a chance to sound the alarm

Pray that we're straight or sane at the least

Maybe we're fine or maybe we're beasts

I bet that you're loss is kind of our feast

And get us so hammered we see none but you

Pouring it straight at quarter past noon

Giving us tunnels for which to see through

Shedding the light that comes from the brew

And please us with words of the approach

Corner us bleak and on us bestow

The blessing of exile to foreign lands

Made up of capsules that bite at our toes.


Give me a pill to blanket the void!

Give me the means to what was destroyed!

Give me the truth that was promised to me!

Give me the vague and ambiguity!

Give me the burn so I may complain!

Give me the word that flattens the pain!

Give me the sphere that I don't deserve!

Give me the space so I can return!...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poems just don't seem good enough lately.

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Here we go again, same old tales,

Same old night movie,

Seating alone affront of the screen,

Drinking my sorrow, popping pills

To find freedom, my bed, sleeping,

I wish so often never to wake up,

A couple of hours and the sun/ rain will come

To my rescue, and the same vicious circle will start again,

Whites, yellows, purples, blues devil sweets,

To carry the illusion of happiness,

I can feel life running through my veins,

My sanity disintegrating in this chemical camisole!

All is left has words lost on the screen,

For the ones, who can read between the lines?

Insomnia, my dark mistress,

You got me again, in your cold sheets,

Use d and abused for sure,

But I am not ready to let you,

Make love to you, and falls for eternity,

In your sickly lullabies,

Your lips are poisons,

So if I have to go, it won’t be in your icy arms,

Whispering into my ears,

You love me,

I am no kid anymore,

The tale will end my way,

And you won’t be the sleeping beauty,

I will close my eye, alone as I was and still am,

But I would not give you a last goodnight kiss,

I will simply never the sun arise,

And the world will keep going round and round,


So why don’t you leave tonight and close the door,

My soul has no place for your sick dreams,

I would rather falls into the same hollow holiness,

And all it will take one night to many…

C est la vie!!!




Author's Notes/Comments: 


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