Characterless [Story]

            After Jaggu’s parents died in a street accident, his maternal uncle Toimoor Ahmed took all his responsibilities. Jaggu was only two years old when bad luck befell on him.

            Toimoor had his own children to rear up; he could not bear Jaggu’s educational expenses. As a result, Jaggu grew up as an uncultured and illiterate person.

            When Jaggu became twenty-one, he started passing time with certain bad boys of the locality. At times, he used to misbehave with the elders. Toimoor was informed about all these by numerous well-wishers.        

            Toimoor even endeavoured many times to make Jaggu understand but all his efforts went in vain. With the course of time, Jaggu appeared to become more violent. In a word, he was a full-fledged rascal then. 

            Toimoor was fed up with him; he had to listen to the allegations against Jaggu almost everyday. One day, he told Jaggu quite heatedly,

- Jaggu, enough is enough! You can’t do whatever you feel like!

- What have I done?

- People keep coming to me talking about your misdeeds everyday!

- They’re lying!

- They’re not lying but you surely are!

- You don’t believe my words!

- No, I don’t believe you whatsoever! Give me one reason to believe you.

- What do you want? Tell me in a straight line.

- I want you out of my house immediately. I want to let anyone tarnish my image. I have warned you thousands of times but you haven’t paid the least heed to my words. I can’t stand more.

- Well, I’m leaving this house forever. Goodbye!

            This was how Jaggu cut off the bond with his maternal uncle. Toimoor thought that Jaggu would return after a few days but he did not. It had been ten years since Jaggu had left the house.

            Jaggu went to Mirpur, Dhaka; he managed a job in a welding shop there. One day, while Jaggu was working in the shop, he saw a beautiful young lady in saree who was walking along the road. He fell in love with her at first sight.

            Jaggu promised himself that if he ever married in life, he would certainly marry her, or he would prefer to remain a lifelong bachelor. Once, when the lady was returning home, Jaggu started following her to know where she lived.

            Jaggu became successful in finding out her address. The house is not that distant from the shop where he worked. He could clearly see the house from his shop. It was a two-storied building.

            Every now and then, Jaggu used to look at the building to have a glimpse of her. Fortunately, the girl appeared at the verandah, especially in the afternoon. Jaggu looked at her with a heart full of love for her.

            One day, when there was no one else in the shop except Jaggu, he made a gesture looking at that nameless girl at the verandah. The first attempt was not successful but the second one was. She noticed that Jaggu was gesturing someone and she became sure that it was her.

            Being irritated, she went inside at once. Another day, the young girl was walking along the road as usual and looked at the shop curiously; Jaggu was there; he started gazing at her as if he never saw any beautiful girl in his life!

            As Jaggu was a smart boy, he found out that the girl’s name was Shilpa. In fact, before Shilpa’s building, there was a grocery shop; Jaggu befriended the owner of that shop and came to know everything about Shilpa.

          However, Jaggu’s heart broke into pieces like a mirror when he knew that Shilpa was a married girl. Her husband is a businessman. But, Jaggu was not at all ready for such a terrible shock. It pained him a lot.

            One day, while Shilpa was crossing the road, Jaggu noticed her and went closer. She started walking faster being afraid. But, Jaggu had a mission; he thought that he must try to convince Shilpa. At least, he must let her know about his love for her.

            Jaggu stood just in front of Shilpa; she was endeavouring to go ahead but was stopped by him. She asked,

 - Who’re you? What do you want?

- I’m Jaggu. I work here.

- Do I know you?

- No, no, you don’t know me.

- Then why’re you stopping me like this? Let me go. People are looking at us! You’re embarrassing me!

- Ok, please listen to me! I want to say that “I love you”.

- What! Are you nuts or what?

- Yes, I really do. I want to marry you.

- You need a psychiatrist, you psycho! Just leave me alone or I’ll call the police!

            The way Shilpa uttered the last sentences drew the attention o the passersby. Many curious eyes were watching them. Incidentally, Shilpa’s husband Reja was passing by; when he noticed the crowd, he came closer and to his surprise, found her wife talking angrily with a stranger.

Reja moved ahead and asked Shilpa about the matter. She told her that Jaggu was harassing her for a long time. Hearing this, Reja went mad in anger! He started kicking and boxing Jaggu frantically! Seeing Reja beat Jaggu, the curious commoners also started beating him like a football!

Fortunately, a policeman was passing by at that time. If he did not intervene timely, then Jaggu would be dead by now! Obviously, Jaggu was fired from his job that day.   

            Jaggu moved to another place after that fatal incident. He started stealing from places to stay alive. His ego was hurt much due to that beating. He made a vow that he would rape and murder 101 young girls and make a confession before the Almighty after that! This proves the fact that he was behaving like a cold-blooded cannibal!

            Jaggu was in Jatrabari then. He was working as a waiter in a restaurant. There he somehow seduced a girl named Koitori who worked in a nearby garment factory. Jaggu told her that he loved her and would marry her soon.

            Koitori believed in Jaggu’s words but she failed to read his satanic heart. In other words, love blinded her very reason; she was acting like a doll in Jaggu’s hands. One day, he told her to go with him to his village called Burichong in Comilla so that he could marry her. Koitori had no reason to reject the suggestion since she was in love with Jaggu by then.

            When the bus reached Comilla, it was 10 o’clock. Jaggu told Koitori that they would leave for Burichong in the next morning because it would be unsafe to go now. They might be attacked by the robbers at the dead of the night.

            The naive Koitori had no idea what awaited her. Jaggu took her to a boarding hotel. He attempted to have sex with her but she resisted saying that it would be a sin. However, Jaggu hopped on her like a wild wolf! He raped her all night. When the sun started to appear in the sky, Jaggu killed her by stabbing many times.

            After committing the murder, Jaggu started feeling glad and relaxed. He felt that the burden of his insult was lessening slowly. Jaggu left the place quickly like a thunderbolt! As a hungry tiger waits for the deer, he was waiting for his next victim- victim no. 2!

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Heebie Jeebies

Just a thought!

I got a case of the "Heebies Jeebies" from this disturbed...

Well, you know the type...

Misguided and delusional, with a melon,

Not quite ripe.

Everytime they make their presents known,

I cringe when I read the line...

Some, off the wall, psycho babble,

Sending shivers up my spine.

What's wrong with people nowadays,

Is it self abuse that rots the brain?

Or just narcissistic tendencies,

Which drive them past insane?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Heebie Jeebies"                  "Poetic humor of the day"



 Substance in need to be controlled indeed 

Though not fully granted to me due to addictive tendencies

Why if it was once received before?

Don't continue again what sent me out the door

Though anger though sad though shaking still

Please do not put me on that horrifying pill

Though I run blank on day to day basis

There's still fond memory of those places 

Arrived for one thing not for two

Arrived to say what to do

One request lead to passive set

Though they have not forced me yet

Shall I return with promise unfulfilled 

To return at all would be no more if given that forsaken pill


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