Perfect Centerpiece

human beings

We curse.


Such a life, my sweet,

To be as a fixture upon a lace doily,

A centerpiece, waiting to be gazed at

Through the eyes of someone who might 

See your world, hear your heart, touch your soul.


Such a life, my sweet, 

Waking up every morning, 

The gurgle of drainage down a silicone tube

To accompany the first glimpse of daylight,

The taste of toothpaste,

Replaces morning coffee,

And though you can smell its aroma

As it floats upstairs, 

No one even knows you are aware.


Sounds of your Dad's leather workboots,

I know you can hear,

Tapping on an oak floorboard,

They fade into memories,

A seemingly otherworld away

From the morning enema about to call on you,

You know, that one you swore you never wanted?

You never thought they'd be so cruel, I know,

The words you wrote were jumbled and twisted, 

Even with clear instructions listed.


Your eyes burn through my soul

Like a welding torch,

Because I know you are there, aware,

And if you had said this life 

Were all you had ever dreamed of, 

Or hoped for,

We could rejoice that you are alive,

No one would have to pretend 

They were happy buying 50 adult diapers a week.

Wiping the drool from lips 

That kissed mine so tenderly on hot summer nights,

Would not produce the warm rush of shame that it does.

The frigid glares of judgement

By onlookers are like daggers.

Their thoughts pierce through,

And shatter the glass walls 

Of our new home named "denial".


So we curse.


We curse the shattered shards we trample under foot,

We curse the time we spend in front of the mirror.

We curse the smile worn in vain,

And smothered in invisible pain,

That we don so shamelessly to greet you daily, 

And we choke on every lie that slips through

This carefully orchestrated facade

That screams to be seen for what it is.


We curse the night,

Because sleep was something 

That died when the flatline disappeared,

When they told us this is what "alive" is.


We curse the tubes,

We curse the sound of breathing monitors.

We curse wheelchairs,

And doctor's offices,

We curse every dream we ever shared,

Every challenge we ever dared,

The rising sun, the day that's done,

The fun, the laughter, the tears.


We curse ourselves.

We curse the thousands of dollars 

Our suffering is making

For others' taking

As your body contorts,

Into nothing more than a fragile shell.

It is like we all

At the same time,




In hell.



2015 ©















Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just more ramblings of empathetic garbage that nurses become magnets for in the midst of seeing life through the eyes of family caregivers. No, not a first hand experience. I am that strong...NOT!!

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Your egotistic delusions of self waste

I am the shadow, fading into silence


I am the words you shoved in a box


I am blood, sex & violence

behind the symbol of peace


I am light enraptured unto the void

from a thousand years of cosmic darkness

chasing the souls of stars


I am the mirror you wish to avoid

with the tears that coiled down the drain

& the years wasted on nothing--

but what you thought was yourself...

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Subjective Sexuality Tempered by War and Peace

Layer Poetry

Part One: The Lining

I once thought that if I believed enough – with no doubt inside me

The elements of life begin within me

and genocide is my birth child

shifting and changing tectonically

I am not cognition – am not put to a vote             

I believe that navigating life with a smile on your face is

a destiny – standing next to us

pulling teeth from the hairy toenail soup

In sacred dirt we are

down inside nature – a harvest of supple fruit        

Secret love – breathing veneration and carnal cycles

The adventure – coursing through driven eyes driving feet to the peak – The   

      naked ambition birthed

There must be a way to – let go

                 let the natural course be sailed!           Oh navigator navigator

it takes two in the shadow of the elm

This is our remedy      to a psychology of monotony

 I feel your being – we are dancing and interconnecting

 We are inside each other   

never one thing without another – the

combination – two hands  bond to form one

desire – for a spark to become a flame

A machine comprised of many – turning forward

the bow of the boat – showing the water the way to dry land

and all the ships in the sea will yearn

for the two-way water-way that weeps wishes

So we say – so we do – so we are – so we could be… anything

Could love – lust – abstain – self-please – subserve – dominate

or war for your love – or love war – or neutralize

the bouncing clock – a reincarnation of the 42nd concept

with a plastic penis and a wooden vagina

becoming micro-culture, meta-culture


If we could be anything – why not choose the smiling ship – Lining

the crests of weathered waves

Plotting an alternate course through the yare and yaw towards slanting harbors and crumbling growls – broken ropes     

raping futures that kidnap the child inside and out      

Struck by the tooth of the unmasked clown –


So I ask – must I ride the death donkey into the super lake of hell fire

without a smile upon my face? Without a smile upon your face?

Its really about perspective – perception – inflection

Navigating life with a smile on your face        is

inscribed in the black and white speckled book

because a good captain – will take you places – teach you secrets within

Part Two: Finding Silver

I could move the elements of life

to sing within me

ike dimensia   I reared it raised it shamed it

I am omni! I am omni!

am not… am not… I robot

the true course of your own personal ship

kissing us – and tempting us

demanding we fix this – replant this 

                                                Finding the tree that gives birth to the children of the Terra-womb

Deep down roots

Take – give – take – let’s look up………..

clouds are forever

like jungle sex in the ancient mud

let the soul sing out loud

teach me to sail in the wrinkles of your eyes

breast under palm – finger tips trace lips

far away – from linear transparent pseudologies

with energy flowing – ebbing

neither begins – neither ends

Silver – cog turning its silver lover

four pupils become a shared gaze

which ignites a blaze

turning backward – the continuum reaction

Turn-about turn-about – for wayward wandering

for intimate collisions and erotic collusions

and worried weapon worshipers

could do everything

could just fuck

neural networks – for good or for worse

      My father’s father  is, was, and will be my mother’s mother

De la Picasso Aphrodite 

intercultural, extracultural


horizontal dreams from the Crow’s nest

they are watching – as our boat bow kisses those crying babies one by one

with its shiply shapples

thundering under the sore sullied foot

in the darkness

gazing into the mirror that gazes back


– must I nude my soul?

Must I love Without joy?

and reciprocated communication?

a choice to be made

a life within

secrets – leading you to the cliffs edge – and showing you how to fly

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem, as the folder category says, is a layer poem. As to how to find it's layers, pay attention to the multiple font types, and try reading the first line or part 1 and the first line of part 2 as a single sentence. 

The original format of this poem was for 11 x 17 paper. I have recently taken it apart and reformated - as well as revised - it. It embodies a commentary about my own hopes and views, as well as human sexuality, and the personal struggle humanity faces in wanting peace in the face of constant wars. 

Once Upon A Midnight Dove

Just a thought!

Once upon a Midnight Dove, I sold my soul for empty love.

A gentle touch made me shiver, my body shook, my nerves quiver.


Her skin so soft with silky hair, parchment kisses melt the air.

She pressed her tender frame to mine, body waving so devine.

Passion rose in sultry hips, the sweet caress of moistened lips.

Shallow breaths quickened fast, heartbeat shutters, swift and vast.

Beads of perspiration now, a single stream runs down my brow.

Muscles clinched in violent peace, giving up in sweet release.

A moment shared in empty love...Once upon a Midnight Dove'


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Once Upon A Midnight Dove"

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Speak the Word

Speak the Word

Hope is a power,

An evil Devour.

Love is a song,

Steady and long.

Peace is a bird,

A flock above the herd.

Yet these Words will diminish,

Unless we do not Cower,

Unless we sound the Gong,

Unless we Speak the Word.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry it was short. I made that one awhile ago and it really touched my heart.

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Wandering Traveler

Come fellow travelers and wandering folks.

Come and hear a tale about ghouls and ghosts.


Come sit around the fire and warm your hands.

Come and share stories about distant lands.


Come drink my wine and laugh at my jokes.

Come and sing songs about dreams and hopes.


Come listen to the drum beat and dance on the sand.

Come and watch the moon in the night sky so grand.


For when the morning comes and we bid farewell.

There will be no more stories and tales to tell.


For you will continue on your travels , while I remain.

Never to sing songs and dance again.


My purpose fulfilled, I shall crawl and hide back in my shell.

A stranger to all, alone I shall dwell.


But through your stories , the world will know my name.


They will know about the stranger who dwells in the spiritual plane

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Peace Among Humans


Peace among humans is a must

But all we share is a look of disgust

Disrespect and lack of trust


Peace among humans is there

So little, to find is very rare

But nobody seems to care


Peace among humans is wanted

But everyone is simply blinded

By hatred and frighten


Peace among humans is desired

From everyone who inspired


Other with love whom conspired

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Peace Shall Come One Day


Peace shall come one day


Where we all unite

Stand on one side

The side of love and pride

There is nothing shameful to hide


Peace shall come one day


On a rainy day we share our coats

On a crisis we help others souls

When we lend a hand for everyone in need

Forgetting hatred and forgetting greed


Peace shall come one day


Where we support education

Education of knowledge and dedication

Where we learn of equality

Of peace and of sweet serendipity


Peace shall come one day


The day we open our minds

Accept people of all kinds

When we make our imaginations into reality

 Reality mistaken with fantasies 


Peace shall come one day


When our lives our ready to change

When we are ready to rearrange

Exchange love and behave


That day will be the save. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hopefully we will all come hand in hand to save the world for our selfishness and greed

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Dance of the Dragonfly




Large cup-shaped crater at the public gardens

Filled with water, lilies, and maiden grasses

Home to a family of ducks and koi, who

Swim gently under skipping water striders


A space free of predators. A protected habitat.

Ample time to watch the dragonflies dance

Above rippling water and wind-waved reeds

Pellets of food provided by hands outreached


When people have stopped their bustling

The sun’s hot rays have wrapped up the day

With Orion watching amid sparkling stars

On solid steady rock, I tuck my feet and head


Ease into a bowl-shaped slumber

Secure as protected unhatched egg

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