We Dance


They say. “you’ve got nothing to give, if you give yourself nothing”

That’s the point of it.

There’s really nothing.

We are neither here, nor there.

There’s really no one.

We’re all just electrical expressions of life

Moving in time space

Breathing in air

Buckets of water

Cataclysms of emotion

Which is why I still care

Why I still want to show you…

every peace of me

I still want to give myself to you…


I still want to know you

with every moment that I breathe


You are who I am to be

You are who I choose

You are the one, the only one

You, my divinity, are the truth in me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Follow your intuition.


To My Wife

I would say I miss you

But you no longer care

You left long before your body

And left me alone with yourself


I'm always thinking of you

Everyone says you aren't worth it

Maybe they're right...

But I thought you were


I wish we could be “us” again

But do I truly miss you

Or simply the relationship we had?

I guess I'll never know


You've kept me at a distance

So far I'd never reach you

Now I suppose I've finally decided

To stop trying

Haiku and Hokku




Winter breathes coldly

A rose on new-fallen snow

Beauty in nature


White carpet without

Inside, the dog sleeps soundly

Dreaming of Spring days


Rain upon the window

Soothing, sweetly singing soft

As I write about it




Family stay near

Life's storms draw close together

What calm drives apart


Special together

As I concentrate on work

She watches TV


Fearing the future

She wraps her arms around me

And holds me tightly




Alluring water-front

Holding magnificent crafts

Warships now at peace


Men of foul language

Cargo brought ashore today

The smell of the sea


Moonlight on the waves

Horns of vessels passing by

A lonely gull cries


The streets are clean 

But only by the street sweeper

Our hearts are open 

But only for the surgeon 

Our minds are sponges 

But only for social media 

Our passions are set for justice 

But only for the social warriors 

9 rules of temperament 





Self -control 






10 perfect laws tempered with mercy 

Is all we need 

To create a world really worth living in. 


I wish you could see it with me instead of against me.

We are the same but our eyes see differenly.

I love you.

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Thoughts On Natural Solitude

As I walk through forests

Dark and deep

I notice the song therein

Birds in their nests

Joyously welcoming their newborns

Foxes padding quietly to their dens

Squirrels barking and playing like children


I often stop and fall silent

Away from the illusion

Of control and importance

We create in our world


Here, I belong

Here, I'm not all-important

There is a peacefulness

That creeps into my soul

And douses the painful fires

Of self that I let burn hot


Walking through the trees

Listening to the softly falling rain

Just to live, to Be

Not as nature's conqueror

But as a spectator in a beautiful world

To stand alone in silence

To contemplate, I AM

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Society Like a cold clap in the dark you lit a spark of what I was waiting for You hide behind the false hidden garb of compromise can't you see the lies Having long hanging viscious fangs to frighten each other A line is being drawn in the sand when will we understand The pusher on the street knows to well the score is in sight All of the money is tight waving empty beer can to cash them in A solo of sorts to summon the eager minds that plug destruction To get food stamps & disability insurance in you pocket Burning flags in the presence of the socially elite doomed to repeat A challenge to be set free is a question of time my one solution is using mind We work in the factory laboring for that legal tender While pulling out of the grocery store you get a busted fender One needs a heart saturated with truth to stand the test of time Standing in line at the D.M.V. kind of bothers me We as a society have treasured a rose that was sent before us Send the troops home there is no good reason for them to roam The casualties are enormous for a stated cause that's plain atrocious Merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder stop the senseless fighting Yet are nation grows a bit colder from all the anxiety from within Another chance a which to begin again stop the riots in the street With abortion as a plan when will we be able to understand A fetus is a living breathing human being inside not some instant jello Society is filled with people that hate that is their lasting fate Become a beacon of hope to a lost world in need of love This true expression of faith is sent to us from only God above






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Abandoning Ideology: MGTOW, Feminism, moral relativism, individualism, etc

Ideologies have a powerful hold on the human psyche

they have created much division and hate in our human

race, the more we are drawn in to the ism, the more we

are isolated from who we really are: pure love


I will no longer use ideology as an execuse, no more scapegoats,

no more theories, I will determine my own life without the outside



We may look different inside and out, but we have souls,

we have hearts, we can look past the pettiness and learn

to accept our differentiation.


I will no longer live my life in fear, in the shadow of belief,

I will find love and I will love what I find, because I am love,

I am spirit, 



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When will it be my turn

              When will it be my turn?

All my life I've fought to be happy but it's still not within me

When I was young I lost a part of me anyone would agree

Gone with out a trace like those children who never return

Its sad to know but so very true so when will it be my turn

It didn't end there you see when I was wed to that monster

And with his anger came so much pain I wanted to be stronger

But I was not and endured his wild fiery fists oh did they burn

They burned like a fire that rages on oh when will it be my turn

Perhaps it never will and this misery will go on and never cease

Maybe I'm not meant to have everlasting happiness or peace

Perhaps I'm not meant to be happy but maybe i will learn

 and then someday I will know that its finally my turn






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was depressed when I write this one 

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Sometimes i Cry

Got to keep it real but sometimes I stare at the four walls that steal
I like to keep it all in until it starts to get heavy
No toke of a smoke on a blunt to implode
I suffer inside having no good reason to run away & hide
Still I seek for a higher power relax & take a hot shower
We each go through things in life amidst the given strife
Sparks fly through the duration inside my brain lest I refrain
I cry for the lonely hustler on the street trying to get something to eat
I cry for the widow in her deep affliction
I cry for the humble in every situation
So I take my time to write down a list
To show what I thankful for
A reason by which to explore
A pause to reflect on a sparkling array of blissful care
I thank God everyday as I bow my knee to pray
Others may claim it ought not be that way
Yet who are they any way
One needs a heart saturated with love
love is the essence of one's inner existence
Never join in the resistance
Some times I cry in my dreams
evil screams things that come from a world so very mean
I cry for the poor in their affliction
Life was never intended to be easy
How you fought so hard and fierce
My one truest love is gone from here
A challenge to be free is a question of time
My one solution is using my mind
Living on the edge and it's going to my head
Sitting up at night all alone in bed
Following the rainbow to the sky
I see a vision of you pass me by
Our war were in is almost over
it's so hard to believe I lost a lover

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