Job Search

I feel like I'm missing something
A keyword, phrase, or title
A location, a preferred setting
An advanced search subscription.

Reviewing the last many years
To put in a page or two
Summarized experiences
Skills, hobbies and interest

Browsing a close-up picture
Making a title they call a Headline
But perhaps a catchy Tagline
A self-marketing phrase

I am searching.
The diverse things I tried in the past
What's common or not
For that is what shall I look for in the present
To feed me, and cause me breathe for the future

Yes I am searching for a job.
For the young overachiever
For the envied and politicized employee of the year
For the poor generalist, and master of none
For the daughter, sister, and breadwinner
For the lover
For the dreamer
And me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

While searching for jobs over the internet, one cannot help but feel the emotions of an unemployed. An unemployed right before Christmas.

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