Men at Sea

Ecstasy of the heart,

Is this a new start?


Filled with happiness and glee,

Five ships on an open sea,


Cups of rum

And mothers lost sons


New worlds to explore

Past the golden shores


No tyrants or hypocrites,

On the sparkling sea


Sail to the ends, Just to be

Men at sea

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Simple, but one of my favorites. 

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Dodge the Beast

The tentecals of this beast are pulling me down

My sails are broken and there is no one around

So i made a deal with Davy Jones

There is no way im letting this beast keep my bones

Ill end up working the rest of my life away

But atleast in the end ill be able to say

"Every decision ive made was my own

Even when the gods tried to bring me home."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Got bored and wrote this. im trying, practice makes perfect right. if you read it please leave a little critizism to help me out. it would be greatly appreciated.

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Windward Sails


Windward sails________________________________________________
_drawn to full length,___________________________________________
___sending chills______________________________________________
______throughout every inch of my being.__________________________
____________Springing fast as pure light___________________________
_____________________across the endless ocean____________________
___________________________waves battered gracefully aside_________
______________________________as I cut through the water__________
_________________________________as I make my way...___________
_________________________________AND I CAN FEEL THE FREEDOM___
________________________________as mist is in the air______________
______________________________wet against my arms and my face____
__________________________without a single care in the world_________
_______________________for all is well___________________________
__________________and I am happy._____________________________

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by indigo_kid007. ^__^

Not sure how I feel about this line thing...

I can only ever feel this freedom by Jesus Christ. I think this is perhaps the way we were meant to be.

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