Did God make this world?

Did God make this world?

By JFarrell


( I heard in the news Stephen Fry in trouble over comments he made)


Let’s assume

For the sake of argument

God is real

God created this beautiful, amazing world


How can you blame him for the ugliness in it?


The death of a child from cancer

A school buried in a mud slide

People scarred by chemical weapons

People dying in vast numbers


Famine, drought, war

This is all men

With cancer, several years from now we’ll discover something we used to do

Created it


I don’t believe in god (I think)

These are not things sent by god to “test us”

This is us, it always has been

Stop blaming god



Author's Notes/Comments: 

you have a mind, and it's better than mine :)

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God is the boogyman. A device

God is the boogie man. A device for us to defer responsibility. We externalize ourselves in imaginary things, because it is hard for us to imagine the horrors and troubles of this world. They seem all to real to us. We look for an explanation for that realness. But that explanation is us. We choose not to see it. We create god to justify the destruction.

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Let the crossword puzzle remain unsolved

Faith in external force/s dawn at moments of solitude in natures lap. Best wishes.