things could be worse

Things could be worse

By jfarrell


Things could be worse,

I don’t take the time to appreciate

How lucky I am.


I’ve forgotten my umbrella,

On a very rainy day;

I could have been

born in a drought-ridden country,

With no prospect of rain. Ever.

I didn’t like my chicken burger,

It didn’t taste fantastic;

I could have been

Born in a famine stricken country,

No chicken burger, nothing I may recognise as food.

I’m being kept awake,

By my neighbours loud music;

I could be

Being woken by the bombs landing on my house,

Or by the masked gunmen in my room.

There may be much in this life, in this world I don’t like,

But I am very lucky

And it’s time I realised that;

I am, and have been, luckier? More privileged?

Than most people

And it’s time to identify the brighter things in life,

And to seek them out

And try to add a little to the beauty in this world.



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i dont appreciate enough how luck i am

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is what I am. We are all still breathing; some of us barely, but still alive! I negotiate with luck a lot :D