I come home

from a day of study

I get a call

from my best buddy

With a plan

to go out

"Yes" Happily

I shout

with an intrudence

from my Dad

I get a little mad

he did what he does best

Said "No"!

It's finally Friday

the end of the week

I go to my Dad

afraid to speak

Beg for a night

over my friends

with no thoughts

he simply ends

he did what he does best

Said "No".

It's the winter vaction

I want to have fun

So I approach my grandma

my favorite one

She hears me out

But sends me off

To my Dad I ask

with a cough

But of course he


Like everytime

He did what he does best

Said "No".

The summers is here

and I sit at home

With tears in my eyes

wondering where I went wrong

my Dad enters

with a huge smile

Says "Sherieke, how would you like

to go somewhere now

Spend time with

Your Pop on a cruise"

I said " sorry to be

so rude"

and I did what he does best

said "No".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

December 12,1999
This was inspired from my Father when he was being so strict while I was growing up.

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