Crimson Gospel

Older stuff

So here, the sky always turns red

All the things rushing through my head

The triumphant sound of victory from afar

The way things use to be, the way things are

One smile, and your as good as done

No point in hiding, just go and run

Everyone dies sometimes, its all in fate

Death sometimes comes sooner, or maybe late

Some of us don't deserve it, some do

Life is demented, this is true

People stealing from others, things that count

Stealing them of their lives, its a huge amount

Sacrifice and suicide, two different things

Sacrifice to save another, that what it means

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary wrong

You can wait out the pain, but for exactly how long?

Suicide is pointless, and its what I truly hate

People are willing to help, don't be an ingrate

Open up to others, and then you'll see

That all these burdens, are just in me.

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