The Prayer

At church I pray aloud to God and ask,

"Lord please help me with this one task"

Seconds later I hear the voice of God speak,

"Go home and find the answers you seek."

Without hesitation I begin to make my leave,

Smiling about how things will differ this eve.

Leaving the church I bump into an old man,

Who grips my arm telling me of some plan.

These ears of mine ignore his old raspy voice

"Sir, I shall return when it is my choice"

My body slips from his grip and I wave him bye.

Head too focused on home to hear him cry.

Afterwards a stranger asks for my hand,

Yet I turn not wanting to hear her demand.

She inquires, "Young man, what can you do?"

My reply, "Sorry, but I have no time for you."

If only she knew about my holy quest,

My answer would not leave her so depressed.

Almost home I see a man approach me,

His business attire already has me wanting to flee.

He shouts, "Sir I have something you desire."

Running away I say, "Leave me alone, you liar!"

There were plenty of fools all over this town,

Which had me puzzled why he displayed a frown.

Finally I arrived at my final destination,

Searching everywhere to find the location.

What seems to be hours with nothing in sight,

Until I notice a letter tanning in beams of light.

Quickly my hands sieze this and tear it apart,

But once read I can not help but grab my heart.

This is a world filled with good players,

Three people today heard of your prayers

An old man, a lady, and one in a suit,

Each with a job offer sweeter than fruit.

Whichever person you choose is up to you,

Just remember to help those that pray too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think it needs to be said that I do not believe in God, yet this writing would suggest otherwise. Hopefully the message is good and people will understand it.

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Shantelle Darlin's picture

i have never got chills when i read a poem until now.....this is an awsome and inspirational.