Human Nature


I'm wanting to see just what me I can be.  

I'm testing the waters to test gravity.

I'm leaping with faith just to see where I land.  

I'm shedding my cover to find where I stand.

I'm spreading my wings cause I think I can fly.

I'm pulling the trigger and hope I don't die.

I'm loosing my mind just to say it's been lost.  

I'm sailing the sea to find out if I'm tossed.

I'm seeing to see and I'm trying to try.

I'm doing to do and I'm not asking why.  

I guess I push limits to find who I am.  

I do what I do and don't give a damn.  

Just where am I going...I never quite know.

I'm just going for going and it's time to go.

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A Big Warm Howdy

Guess folks always ask how I keep it all together,

but they don't really know how I'm hurtin' inside.

Guess gals always ask how I make it last forever...

I'm really just a joker, I'm a prayer that's been denied.

But I fake it really good,

I ain't got no other choice.

Yeah, it should be understood,

I'm just lies inside a voice. Sending


this big warm howdy, taking


these spunky hotties home...

they tell me I'm so wonderfull

they tell me I'm so wonderful

but I'm just a broken child

and a lying midnight smile.

Don't believe in me,

Don't you think of me as anything at all.

I'm nothing but a big warm howdy,

and that, my dear, is all.  

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Lord of towers, seek your piece

Bring forth justice to faithless seeds

And lead us not into temptation

But rob from us our fates

And return to us with smiling faces

With our karma in your palm

You control the finer points

On ritual stone is righteous camp

The crystal gardens are kept for you

And your enchanting whores

But see no wrong in your lilting ways

Deliver us from pardon

Solace waits for he who succeeds

In achieving all forgotten

Of ancient ways, in Rome and vale

We can't recall our stoic chores

But we still feel the consequence

And what may lie in store

So heed your words, shout them high

Believe yourself as we do

We are but stones all gone downhill

And you're the barrier to block us

Stand for us with sturdy hands

And cradle all the weeping

For they do not yet understanding

The agendas you are keeping

Finally now, we can pray

And whisper our harmonics

To bestow to you a blessed cause

While you slight us all for treason

And as it falls we'll cower down

But quietly accept our ends

Because we know that you have laws

On which our will depends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Iron fists can grant no wish!

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Animals (Inspired by Afzal Shauq's "Animals...But With Two Legs"


Animals scour the earth,

praying upon our weakest.

Tearing at their fellow man

with iron claws,

teeth bearing.

Animals with two hands, two feet.

Spreading over the land,

mating and breeding.

Animals that pray

and prey upon others.

A child classmate,

who is unlike the others.

Wild Animals that do not climb trees,

but tear them down,

spreading disease.

A brilliant mind,

we were supposed to evolve.

But the animal instinct

has never dissolved

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Ants (Haiku)


Ants march in a line
One falls it is left to die
People can be cruel

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The Hidden Signs With Me

-The Hidden Sign Within Me-

Behind the bars

You see these scars

That surround my heart

You long to ask, where did it start?

My eyes fill with tears

As you ask me to remember my fears.

The things i had to see.

The pain you caused me.

Always seemed to care.

Yet the passion wasn't there.

I know not to dare.

Just continue living life unfair.

People ask me how i bare.

Oh how i want to share.

But I'm afraid

'Cause in the shade

Behind closed doors

Feelings fall upon the floors.

And within each others cores.

Lie an a ray of sores.

Not meant to be heard or understood.

Though i almost wish u could.

Read between my lines.

See the hidden signs.

Actually sit and hear

Help me fine a cure

My problems solved.

Yours too shall be.

But it's always the same.

Life seems no more tame.

Nothing changes in my day.

But the beating of my heart fading away.

The smile upon my face falling astray.

And now in bed you lay

Wondering if perhaps i ever may

Forgive you for what u made me pay?

And the truth to what I'd say

You might as well be died.

For do you see? You are nothing to me.

-Exkai Jade Satiro-

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How to build a Terrorist



is depletion of the mind

and if we had the time

we'd let it run awry

we beat our kids at home

and they fuck them up at school

he'll never get the girl

he'll never be cool



can only go so far

when we find out where we are

and how to get to you.

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Unknown Me

Now I have to decide

If it's still best for me to hide

Keep myself unknown to him

So he won't judge on a whim

Perhaps being an unknown me

Will be the best way for him to see

That it truly is worth a look

Inside of this open book

That is a very good reason

To keep IMing into season

Allow him to get to know the real me

Before I allow him to see

If after he knows who I am

And he decides the door to slam

I will know that he was fake

And the decision is mine to take

I will surely move on

After I know he is gone

An unknown me I will stay

Until it comes to that day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

November 30, 2008

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~ Flower ~


On a green and sunlit hill

In the clear of a summer day

With a breeze that swelled the fields

And made the thick grass sway

A little flower strained

Her roots pushed hard and deep

And leaves drank up the light

To warm her in her sleep

A beauty in this quiet place

Comfort and color to the eye

She grew alone upon the hill

Like a fist raised to the sky

If she'd had legs and not a root

Then earth would keep her not

If petals instead had been born wings

She'd ever drift aloft

Nothing could restrain her soul

As the wind she yearned to be

She burned inside her dreaming

Always longing to be free

Then one day came a breaking sky

It screamed and spat out ice

Electric fingers stabbed the earth

The wind became a knife

It tore the ground and spiraled on

From her roots its fingers ripped

She rode the whirlwind everlong

Till in a lull it slipped

Then to the ground and far she fell

She landed near a stream

Lay there dazed with all that passed

And slipped into a dream

Her freedom found but what the price

As the sun began to beat

The flower lay bent and bruised

Starving in the heat

She wished once more of earthen arms

For the hill where she was safe

And wilted while she sobbed inside

Longing for its face

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