Human Nature


Fingers wander

Body tingles

Mind burst

With sexual mingle

Find her spot

Caressing with care

While she’s getting hot

I feel she is bare

My eyes meet hers

She’s full of need

I playfully wink

I give in her greed

I bend to my knees

Hands massage her thighs

Gentle fingers tease

Her deepening cries

Under her skirt

My hand goes

Every simple touch

Her pleasure shows

Her breathing quickens

Her hearts a race

I feel her juices

I slide into place

Few fingers wiggle

Her breath draws back

Letting out quietly

Her moans do lack

Faster I move

Determined to hear

Her sweet needy voice

As the orgasms near

A massaging tongue

Against her nervy clit

Her body jerking

Every time I lick it

Squeezing muscles

Glistening skin

Finally a moan

I push deeper in

Louder she moans

Harder I work

Just to taste

The ending perk

Created on: December 26, 2006 - 02:55

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Overlooking the City

Sometimes I feel Isolated

Taking refuge in the deep recesses of Me

Find that place inside and savor it

Amused by it all,

The pretentiousness of the world

   to think they actually exist!

Standing at the window,

Gray, cloudy eyes looking at a

Gray, cloudy city

Hands on the transparent barrier

Between me and the rest

Am I missing out on something,

Is what (I think) I'm witnessing,


I zoom in and look at them, at

   Everyone Else.

Am I one of them, or are there other


They're all

Stumbling, bustling, hurrying, struggling

Toward some distant, empty goal

But only my dictionary can

   Define my success

I see their plight as a whole

Hating, stealing, judging, killing,

   against each other

Am I a part of all this?

I watch with somehow distant sadness,


I see a glimmer of hope

Sometimes I realize we are All


Drifting as one,

Taking many different forms

But sometimes I feel Isolated

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Dec. '06)

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Wants And Needs


There are many things in this world that we want;

We can all agree that everyone wants something.

People use that fact to tempt and tease and taunt

Those who want everything but have nothing.

Thewre are many things in this world that we need;

Some of us want nothing but need everything.

People use that fact to get what they themselves need,

So that they will no longer want or need anything.

We all want or need something different,

Even though some of those things are the same.

We want to have money, but we need to pay the rent;

We need to have a job if we want to stay in the game.

We want to be famous, but we need to stay humble,

Because that's how we become famous in the end.

We want to see someone we dislike take a tumble,

But we need to be kind to both foe and friend.

I want to write for a living, and live in a dream home,

But I need to earn my way in this world I live in.

I want to go to Egypt, or maybe ancient Rome,

But I need to be rich for that, an absolute given.

I want to go into space, and see the world from above,

But I need to keep my feet on the ground and not in a cloud.

I want to find a girl who wants nothing from me but love,

But I need to settle for a girl who just runs with the crowd.

I want a lot of things, but I know I'll never get them,

Because I'm setting my sights too high to reach.

I need a lot of things, and it's easier to get them,

Because I always make sure they're in easy reach.

So, I guess it's time for me to stop wanting so much,

And Just settle for getting what I need out of life:

Maybe it's better to have what I know I can feel and touch

Instead of holding out for what I want in this life.

But, a part of me still holds out for my desires;

We all want what we can't have, which makes us want it more.

I still have dreams, burning like smouldering fires;

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to the moon from earth

a single raven flying.

while on earth, a soul is dying.

mourners gather to weep and sob

a worker is fired from his job

he has to tell his kids and wife

an infant child begins her life

looking up at her mother's face

a public worker is disgraced

a new leader rises to power

all of this in the same hour

actions done at the same time

seen from above, all is but sublime

to see the horrors, famines, and wars

the tortured, widowed, and battle scars

the raven sees and well he knows

"futility" he utters as up he goes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hm...i don't really know how this works...

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Cuts like a knife right to the core

aRe they serious? can they really mean that?

yoU try to keep it together...but you know you

havE to cry very soon.

you Leave to see if that will help...

but your heart is still there

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this after i found out that some very cruel things were said about me.

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WHen Men Sleep!

Men sleep

sometimes like

little boys,

they curl up

snug in a bed, their

open mouths, an

"O" of red...

they look so peace

ful and so serene, ,

they don't seem like


(I'm not being mean)

I like to watch them

as they sleep,

I like to see them,

their expressions

seem "deep!"

They have a rather

profound looking


sometimes I swear,

they even


sleep talking, is

a way to see

just how interesting

they can be!

I never like to wake them

because the thought

may shake them, so

just as quietly as I can,

I very silently, watch

some men!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Author's Notes: By ladykelshan
Written Tuesday May 23rd, 2006

Note: This poem is really about the men that I know, that actually yes, do sleep alot like a little boy!
SOrry, but it's rather cute!

I don't go around watching everybody....GIggle!LOL!

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He gropes around for his ring

The clock starring at his face

She’s laying on his arm

Some woman he doesn’t know,

In some place he shouldn’t be.

She checks the clock one more time

The hands flicking her off

As they move slowly,

He didn’t call again

She’s afraid for her sanity.

He quietly puts his clothes on

One by one he finds them all,

Underwear sticking out from the love seat,

Socks close to the Champaign,

This is unnerving him.

She sets her ring down on the nightstand

With the utmost grace

As if it were a tiny rose with delicate petals

And standing in her face is a picture

Drifting and blurry in her sleepy state,

She recognizes the white dress,

But doesn’t seem to know the man anymore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

50% of marriages fail...
so why do i hope for the best in the future?

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Vicious Cycle of Humanity

Life on earth is temporal;

Maligned by vicious vanguards;

Non-respecter of human morals;

Lawlessness unflawed without regard.

Worldly whims bantered to a preposterous degree;

Whitewashed with surreptitious greed;

Circumspection should be to humans direct?

Rather perpetuating irremissible inhumane shame.

This material world soars high like vultures;

Hawking its claws; sharpened to snatch;

Willing victims condemned by pious boors;

Trap their ignorance, selfishness and sham.

Peace they know not; unceasingly sowing discord;

Minds blocked; eyes shut; hearts hardened;

Wisdom unpossessed, they never will.

The power of truth is hard to contend.

@LCD, 3 Oct. 06

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~ in consonance to all inhumane acts ~

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Innocence Within


"For a moment,

Let us lye awake

And lose our minds,

For awhile,

To dream like that of a child."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Came up with this kind of poetic quote while trying to find a title for my surrealist drawing.

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