Human Nature




When I first saw you I knew

You were the quiet and adventurous type

Underneath hid someone

Exciting, adventurous, eccentric

Who knew?

That was the excitement

As we sit side by side


You watch the news

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deticated to David

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The Castle of Your Limbic

swirling outer rings sweep across the terrain

jostling tremble

a king on his throne shakes to bits

with queen unconscious and subdued

the jester takes up court

who's to judge the fool when he's in charge?

always brown nosers and kiss asses with an agenda

intent on influencing the crowd

a contrary voice is stifled all to abruptly

fools and cowards in your presence

say hello to you and I

defeated before the battle

pride the downfall

mister disingenuous flat on his face

now wondering where his lords have gone

haughty endeavors detached by means of self-loathing

is it better to be the butt of the joke

or to live it?

the humor is lost when you become a parody of another life

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As Aristotle reads

It's balance in between

The sorting out of needs

With virtues and with dreams

Eudaimonia ...

The knowledge to succeed

The bounty we receive

And Socrates agrees

Our insight is the key

Eudaimonia ...

And you are made of me

And we are made of we

The difference we see

Is our humanity


Eudaimonia ...

eudaimonia ...

And people just won't be

Until they take themselves to heart


They live as ends and means

Without a place to start


And we bother all for nothing

We lose our taste for life


But we'll start a search for something

And find our mortal light



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This will be a song some day soon.

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Middleton & Webster

Mr Middleton first coined the phrase, in 1662,

In the title of his play with Mr Webster

It was: "Anything for a quiet life"

I suspect he was misquoted

For though the phrase has made the long voyage

Constant, unharmed,

Through the time tossed oceans of the English tongue

Human nature and the rotating storms of matrimony

Are similarly, and singularly constant

And personally "I would give anything for a quiet wife!"

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Murder of dreams


My body quakes remembering the day that boy past away;

The sound of the shot that took his life away;

The pain in his eyes took my gaze away;

He lie there gasping for life when my sister pulled me body away;

And now I lay as a reoccurring image that seeps my dreams away;

What hath been given can be taken away;

Remembrance of the quote had my heart at ache;

No tears can come close to reflecting this pain;

When a boy lay in the sky's blanket of darkness shielding this cruel display;

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bunch of bull

I heard what you're saying and you know what it is. I hear you're getting big money now. but the way your acting brand new that's not how we do biz. They say you buy the drinks now, champagne, with the fizz. The good life while everyone else lays on the dirt.  You deserve it though you did all that work. but at the end of the day with all that cash in the way of your morals do you have a second to come and hang out with us mortals. if not don't worry we'll be here waiting.  Haters don't understand you say but don't let money change you.

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write something

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A pile of excretory waste

Also referred to as butt paste

Squirms about in the colon

Never having to be stolen

Because once it is dropped out the anus

Doing anything with it would be heinous

The shit that lies lonely there in bowl

Scarily resembles a lump of coal

So when Santa thinks you are a bad boy

You’ll get shit instead of a toy.

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To Fly Away

To Fly Away

I wish that I could change everyone around me

They would be better, smarter and quicker

Everyone would have their own knowledge

Everyone would be kind and rich-hearted

Nobody would really care about money

They would all just care about one another

But I guess that's not possible

Not in a world like today, maybe 100 years ago

No not even then, maybe 1000 years ago

It’s hard to tell when everything went downhill

Was it back when we were first created?

Or when we found money and other things

I honestly think that we've always been hostel

We've been horrible sense the start and are continuing

No matter what other things tell us

We’re always killing something or someone

We even kill our own kind, not even loins do that

The meanest thing on the planet is humans

If it wasn't for us then other animals wouldn't be suffering

I guess that it's only natural for something bad to happen

If there is a God I don’t think he meant for this to happen

Humans are a mistake that the world is paying for, dearly

I wish that we were never created

If that was true then maybe I could have come to this world

As something else, maybe a fish, or bird

What I would give to be a bird, to fly away

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The Answer (to a Stupid Question)

By my leave, let's fry our brains

Let's shake things up and waltz away

Leave your doubts, stand up tall

By tonight you'll forget it all

Avert your eyes, watch your mouth

Dodge the burden heading south

Ignore the standard, crack your wrists

Defy those lurking, deny their wish

They mean nothing, they're all waste

All that nothing clogs their taste

Sit right there, take a chair

See the sights, taste the air

It's all for not, but not for now

By this time, you'll come around

You'll start over, refreshed renewed

By my hand you'll be bold and crude

Indulge tonight, hemispheres fall

Ignore the doors and embrace the wall

Hug the stone and become the glass

For your time on white has come to pass

Accept the wave for it owns you now

Replace the why with the who and the how

You're so different now

So apply to your change

Puke forth the accepted

And make use of the strange

Be thoughtless, be wicked

And make ruin of the past

Make wild of your limits

And enjoy it while it lasts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And the question is so easy to avoid.

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