A Big Warm Howdy

Guess folks always ask how I keep it all together,

but they don't really know how I'm hurtin' inside.

Guess gals always ask how I make it last forever...

I'm really just a joker, I'm a prayer that's been denied.

But I fake it really good,

I ain't got no other choice.

Yeah, it should be understood,

I'm just lies inside a voice. Sending


this big warm howdy, taking


these spunky hotties home...

they tell me I'm so wonderfull

they tell me I'm so wonderful

but I'm just a broken child

and a lying midnight smile.

Don't believe in me,

Don't you think of me as anything at all.

I'm nothing but a big warm howdy,

and that, my dear, is all.  

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Lesa Gay's picture

This is lyracle enough to make a great Country Western Song and sad enough to break your heart. It reminds me of a meeting at a Country Western Bar or any place of gathering for socializing. A geat read with much honesty I fear. One day that special someone will touch your heart enough that A Big Warm Howdy for you will become forever.

Loved this one from your talented pen.