Human Nature

The Asylum

Here is a world that is obsessed with the norm

And through this nuisance, insanity was born.

“Normal” are the people who raise girls and sons

To know and believe that we are the crazy ones.

But let me point out some things that are true

To determine if the crazy ones are them or you.

Now these are the people who work day to day,

Working jobs that they hate just to get paid.

They’re so obsessed with being normal and the same

That they’ve all become clones, you think that’s sane?

Certainly not, we’re the ones who are real.

The freaks and the rebels, we are who we feel.

But they are not, they’re robots and clones.

Pushing the papers and answering phones.

We are the ones who are what we are

We follow our hearts and never stray far.

From what we truly want, desire, and love

We’re strong and fierce as the lightning above.

But this tale’s not over, there’s more to be read.

For I’ve told you about crazy, but inanity’s not said.

Insanity’s different, it’s not so bad

So if you’re the insane, you’d better be glad.

The reason for this; insanity is power

Alone we are fallen, together we’re a tower.

We’re fucking insane and we don’t give a damn.

We’re like a fucking army on Hell’s left hand.

We’ll roar and scream and riot and rage,

Like a million mighty lions released from their cage.

We are the insane and you can lock us up,

But I’ll warn you now we’ll be expecting backup.

But that’s all I’ve got to say, I think you understand.

With an army this big, we can withstand.

No, I’ve changed my mind, let them take us in.

The asylum doors are open, but they won’t win.

The reason for this; the reason we won’t fall

Is because there is no asylum that can fit us all.

We are just too great, we are the best

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the people.

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Politicians illusion

Beautiful, Beautiful planet

Perfect and nobody bleeds

Everyone is happy to man it

Everyone equal and no-one in need

What side of the street shall I live on

When I live on the top of a hill

What side of the law should I be on

through the door or just pay the bill

What kind of person am i

Talk to there face or talk to there back

How should I defend myself

take the beating or give them a smack

Beautiful, Beautiful planet

Perfect and nobody bleeds

Everyone is happy to man it

Everyone equal and no-one in need

Where will I be in my future

Out in the world or still in a dream

How will I look after myself

When life maybe crueller than it seems

Who defined what normal is

in the dictionary or public eye

What bastard invented currency

When it means somebody could die

Beautiful, Beautiful planet

Perfect and nobody bleeds

Everyone is happy to man it

Everyone equal and no-one in need

When will people see it

The illusion that’s covered there eyes

How can they ever see through it

When there taught who love and despise

Shouldn’t the boundaries drop one day

To release everyone from this trap

How could you not see the truth

When it flows like gold from a tap

Beautiful, Beautiful planet

Perfect and nobody bleeds

Everyone is happy to man it

Everyone equal and no-one in need

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A guy at the age of 25

At the age of twenty five,
I would like to describe,
The way a guy like me,
Thinks about his life.
Too old to be simple,
Too young to be complicated.
So busy concerning career,
So lazy for love to be dedicated.

Sometimes creating time for leisure,
Roaming about here and there,
Searching for the mate to date
Only one night, to test the fate.
Too passionate to care about anything,
Too practical to dare for dreaming.
So famous to be surrounded by pairs of eyesight,
So lonely to pass long sleepless night.

Looking back to the past he had left,
Couldn’t recognize the love he felt.
The moments went by, time flew away,
Still her memories remain in grey.
So determined to prevent love to born,
So fragile to allow memories to mourn.
Too sure to overcome this dillema,
Too confused to find lifetime solution.

He looks behind and finds no shadow on the floor.
He realizes how lonely he had been before!
With time does fly, he makes up his mind,
A life partner, now he needs to find.
Still so afraid of getting perfect match,
How will be life after the marriage!!
Thats life, my friend, which goes on,
Not a bed of roses, not free of confusion.

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All of Us

Mutilated bodies, senseless gore

People coexisting in peace

Men brutally slaughtered in war

A white dove's exhilarating release

Sacreligion, blasphemy, curses

The word of God, salvation

Fresh corpses in the backs of hearses

A worldwide, prosperous nation

Crimes of passion, jealous hate

Love that's bright and pure

The crash and burn seems like fate

The plane's wings steadfast and sure

An empty, shivering, hollow shell

Light, sunny April showers

A vile taste, a horrid smell

Meadows of fragrant flowers

Blue-black blood runs cold through my veins

The sun radiates life into me

Persistent loathing, ever-present disdain

What it means to be happy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Nov. '07)

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The Vision

Without darkness there can be no light.

Without evil there can be no good.

Without hatred there can be no love.

I have seen the balance of the tides.

I have seen the turmoil of the mind.

I have seen the breakdown of the heart.

The silence of the fallen.

They say that love comes from the heart

Desire cometh from the soul

But I have found without my mind

That I would have not one of both.

I have heard the cries of pain.

I have heard the cries of joy.

I have heard the cries within.

I have heard the cries beyond.

I have been to places locked from life.

I have been to places locked from death.

I have been to places locked from both.

I have seen the sides and chosen.

A man, a mind; the two entwined

Till death kill life the two must find

A goal; a path – desire sown,

Desires that their thoughts will own.

For if a man seeks none to find

His life, his mind be naught but blind.

I have known things few will ever know.

And seek more things to never tell.

For if all were to truly see.

Desires not be thoughts of me.

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I stand back and watch

Noting everything going on

somehow staying neutral

Somehow staying calm

Did I really use to act like that

Do you really still act like that

Its so childish

Yet we all result to it

Bickering and aruging like children

KNowing nothing

Yet pretending to know all

How do we end this madness

When will we see

And most importantly

Is this calm here to stay

Or will I once agian be lowered

To acting like a child?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey, I dont usualy write poems like this, and I would jst throw it away but I hve fount that even the stupiest poem in your open can help open someones eyes...

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is in the

balance of

a moment

I can’t control

three lives are

at a crossroads

which way

will it go?

madman behind

the wheel to

him red lights

a mere suggestion

at least that’s

how it seemed

The good

always punished

the evil they

get all the luck

rewarded for

stupidity oh

Darwin make

amends no longer

survival of the

fittest, for

intellect now’s

frowned upon

you’ll never be

a rich man with

one of them

Loss of our

humanity it

never stood a

chance greed

power and property

devil’s got the


intelligent design

now there’s a

w m d

climate change

no matter

look now who

is breeding

future has

been lost

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Cartoon People In A Reality World


Heads too big for their bodies,

eyes like saucers wide.

Trying to live in a reality world

and act so civilized.

False-faced, phony people,

speaking in bubbles above their heads.

Longing to fit into a society

where so much goes unsaid.

Trying to stand out in the crowd,

with colors bold and bright.

When all that matters in this life,

is what's written in black and white.

They've exsisted so long inside their boxes,

in perfectly scripted scenes.

That they don't even comprehend

what reality really means.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 07/15/02

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I love him so much

And can’t let him know

I’ve wronged him so many

Thus my feelings can’t show

I realized this

A conversation early on

After long months wait

Only to remain withdrawn

He explained to me

Why he won’t take me back

And I find his trust for me

Is in a complete lack

But the odd thing is

It hurts him to find

That if I no longer love him

He would totally unwind

He’ll have no one in the world

Yet he won’t be with me

He would no longer exist

And this I do not agree

Why must I still love him

But his I am deprived

As I sit back in dormancy

While his new love is derived

I help him through relationships

I give my shoulder for his crying

My tears flow, so he doesn’t appear weak

And in the end without him I’m complying

For I love him this much

To give and not receive

Honestly being happy with this

If true love he will achieve

Like a mother’s mercy to her child

Through their pains till her death

I will always love and care for him

Even after my last breath

So I shall refrain

Holding back my cries

This great love for him till

Again I show my loyal reprise

Inspired by: / Dedicated to: Gerald E. Lindberg III

Created on: June 26, 2007 – 2359

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