Human Nature


cant take my eyes off the sky
drifting in this ocean
the sun rises and sets before me
as i mistaken those days
in the fading light
living in the memories
all alone
where i love
where i love is where im free
in my mind
just where i wanna be
slipping on ancient melodies
echoing somehow silently
there's so much that i miss
close my eyes
just take me there
take me home


Author's Notes/Comments: 

im not sure if im finished this yet, but i cant help but feel so nostalgic. i miss so many of my old friends, i can really go back and replay all the awesome memories. if i could live those memories forever, i would.

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Self Realization -- 3.2.2010

For Good

you think youre so great

     well i've got news for you

your not

     you say i'm being controlled

that i don't make my own decisions

     i've gone downhill

and i'm not me anymore

     how dare you, who is it you think you are?


     take a look behind you

and check the damage

     that always ensues

whenever you enter the room

     i am me

the only person controlling me in my life is you

     i make my own decisions

and as faar as going downhill?

     well you're the ONLY one who seems to think so

so don't bitch at me

     because what you see

is 100% me

     accept it or don't

i honestly don't care

     but word to the supposedly "wise"

what you don't like in others

     is a direct reflection

to what you don't like in yourself

     those same people

that you attract to you

     happen to be just like you

for you attract what you are

     so next time you open your mouth

to express the distaste you have

     for someone else

just stop and think

     what you don't like in you

that you see in them?

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We chase myths in self-made Amazon

fish turtles that change colour in new waters

we create landscape of nightmares and wade through

anacondas that threaten our confidence

lost in the jungles of our own making

we beat about the thorny grasses now

look for the twin flames for convenience

cloud judgment and reality for control

challenge the Republic and divide

the defence that could never be


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Walking in mye sleep. Two left feet. Android is functioning. I grabbed mye boots in the dark because the matches ran out NO candle will stay lighted eye think its the atmosphere outside the snow is actually melting and filling up the tarp in front of the door with water it dumped I had to sop a puddle up to start mye day on Sunday. And I fixed mye left boot all the way up complete to start out the door and grabbed the left boot to put on my right foot this is what can happen to someone when they get old and winded up. I calmly cursed that blue streak words I never even said before. The inside of the rubber sweats so I started with a leather moccosin with socks on feet inside the pad is dry I added a woolie sock over all of that and placed it in the rubber on a pad I think I barley can tie the over thing from ski pants on. Then I redid it all over. Now I can stand in the snow and wave my middle finger at the cars that never stopped. Its snowing I found an old Umbrella with only TWO tines broken its a LIFESAVER as they say. AHHA. I point the broken tines like a bizarre antennae at the cars and walk up Hills not meant for mortals in decay. I feel like Bizarro Superman I stopped wearing that red thing like a cape. I was starting to think about flying. It would not be a good idea in this snow building up on mye roof at home is not a problem it will keep the old stuff from melting untill I can pad the sides to keep my sleeping bags dry when EYE am gone from home to talk to ewe. Read this poem please dont cry just try to visualize this is how much I really love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a true charlax story im camping in a snow tent in Colorado

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There are somethings that

I hate and can't stand any day

Some make me unconfortable

Sad and mad at times you see

I detest to see any kind

Of abuse been done anywhere

There's no excuse reason for this

It's something I just can't bear

So many things like these are

So hard for me to take

I can't and won't take part

Of injustices done to anyone

That grieves me and makes me upset

And when someone tells me a lie

That's something that breaks my heart

There are so many things

That like you I can't stand you see

Most of the time I have to tolerate

Them in others folks and from you

But that doesn't mean at all that I

Enjoy or like it when you do it that way.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


November 24,2009

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~They Say~


Talk peace

They do not know

Instead most men start wars

All time

Most men

Just reject God

Refuse obey His laws

Love sin

Men say

They want love peace

But ignore truth because

Are blind

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


October 24,2009

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"The way it works"

              I feel an emptiness that I can not

            explain,Not that I feel sad or in pain.

           Just asking myself "what are you going to do



             But not asking yourself what you are going to

            do next is pretty dangerous don't you think,you

             will never expect. Expect the unexpected right?

           or unexpect the expected.



             Sometimes we feel empty because we

            just don't know what to do next and

           that is scary because we can get off on

           the wrong path and you won't know or

           you would know how to get off that path before

           it's too late!

          People ask if you are ok and the answer

          is always yes right?!

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Once when I was staring-

I did something that was daring.

Not truly, fully a waring,

the fruits of ideas which I was bearing.

She asked me how I was fairing,

the music in my head was blaring,

the lovers a kiss they were sharing,

Under the stars well preparing.

As mensch we go on always caring,

and as couple we go together pairing,

through the memory pages tearing,

her cheeks of red ever flaring.

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He was one of the last

the last of that race

a time served man

and an engineer

la crème de la crème

of the LNER

this black handed king

made abdicate

to plumb, turn and weld

amongst godless trades

who knew not, the wonder

of triple expansion

a failing of ours

which he never forgave

(or failed to point out)

but each night,

in The Footplate

under full head of steam

he’d pose loud and lordly

and look down his nose

at the beer pump's

bright brass-work

And the men of the town

while I was so busy

with buffing,


and polishing the brass

checking oil and water

or tapping the glass

all those steamy demands of his

healthy young lass

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