Human Nature

Anaconda Snake

What is so amazing of the Anaconda?
It’s huge and branded as a jumbo danger killer,
The Anaconda stands out as a strong water pillar…

An Anaconda holds his power to spread fear,
An Anaconda is a nuisance, brings out a continuous tear…

Causing trouble and bringing terror around,
Is like its duty, for getting the London pound!

There is an anaconda in each of us,
We become jealous, wicked with an infectious puss!

Sometimes we want to do bad and only bad,
Its human nature that’s very sad!

“We need to rise above our low tendencies”,
As soon as we can,
This powerful slogan has million years ran…..

Life is all about being soft, loving and winning hearts!!
A well lived soul, has billion tears when he departs!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let's learn to rise above the snake filled nature, in each of us!! Lower tendencies should streek to higher goals!!

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In Waiting




For you, I waited many years.
For you, I even gave myself.
Each day we grew older.
Each night we dream the same dream.


For you, I'd wait a little longer,
as long as it takes.

For you, I'll wait years,
if that's best for you.


I know life isn't easy,
so lets do it together.

You don't have to be afraid,
I'm your loyal friend for life
... will you trust me?




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To look out from a window
on a quiet afternoon
across the lonely London street
and beyond the quiet park -
The wind whispers round the leaves.



Sitting on the bench, a man
who reads his papers quietly
his faithful friend sitting beside.
A couple strolls around the block
their child in a carriage -
The murmur of their voices.



On this quiet afternoon
I sit and watch
and hear stray notes,
an aspiring pianist upstairs -
The sound of jazz piano plays distantly.



I could stay here for a long while

even for years, and I'd be happy -
though, perhaps, not forever.



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Cold waves mark out the empty expanse of night sky -
thunderous vibrations
sharp, hard blasts of wind and rain
against this, a steady heart and steady hand.


The waves rumble onward -
the sound of a thousand mighty horses
waterous hills and valleys
in endless thirst.


Home to the ancient heroes of old -
the Spear-Danes in days gone by
by warmth of a hearth stone
by an old seaway.


To live a life of endless journey,
the fate of those whose hearts were as big as the world.

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My Personal Faves

slippery, unclean
and i can't scratch i wont!


professional perfect happy

figured out -

this specific culture controls
unfavorably, unfitting
escape i , i...

a plane can take me away from monotony
new eyes,
tongues and bodies
no new humanity
all of humanity
is one
each individual struggles
with the sameness of their own soul
their biases, weaknesses
do I learn from them?
seek new experiences and hope to grow?
does anyone really grow and change
does my willingness to ask display immaturity and childish behaviors?


i want to sing on my roof naked when the sun comes up
and goes down
and go down
and go down
and go down
on my boss
in public
in private

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Mankind's Nature



We all need something to keep staying sane

Just as grass needs the sun and the rain


And just the same way that I need you

The world needs the sky to keep staying blue


Like a heartbeat which should never stop

Every mountain has a bottom and top


If at all we should never cry

Because the earth is thankful everything dies


And you should take this as a lesson

Because nature chooses your hell and heaven

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Fold by fold,

Layer by layer;

In my soul,

Under my skin.

What lays in my mind,

Remains unknown;

Ready to scream,

Prepared to run—

From another situation,

Dragging me in.


For just a bit—


My heart has been slit;

Pushing deeper,

Blood trickles down.

Ending the fight,

As my body gives in;

Throw me over,

Spit me out.

I stand on the edge;

Tempting you, I see.

Shove a little harder,

And set me free.

I’m about ready to give in,

Ready to die.

Give me a reason,

And I will vanish—

Out of sight,

Out of mind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2003

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Impossible Memories By: Autumn Mcclure

It's not possible to miss what was never there.

But it is possible to wonder if they even care.

Ever wonder what could've been?

If the past would have been altered to prevent your present hurt and sin.

Should you even care that person isn't there?

How's it so hard to forget memories that weren't ever there?

They don't exist so no need for a repair.

No need to even care, but it's only human nature to wish that some memories were there.

Whether good or bad you just need the knowing that person was there before just going.

Yes, it would cause more pain knowing that it was there but disappeared.

But the gap that fills your heart wouldn't be so deep because you would keep those memories near.

Every so often a tear escapes my eye, but I refuse to give into the cry.

I am who I am without it, so I am strong enough to get by.

The lack of it's presense still haunts the back of my mind.

But since I have no memories I have nothing to gather up inside.

So no reason to cry, sigh, or miss it.

The remainder of my life will be the same...without you in it.

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Cold Beer, Women and Music

I like cold beer on a hot day

I like hot women on a cold day

I like music on a hot or cold day

I like to have cold beer in my pad

I like to have my women scantily clad

I like to have my music not bad

I like my cold beer enshrouded

I like my women endowed

I like my music loud

I like my cold beer in my right hand

I like my women tanned

I like my music close at hand

I like cold beer to unwind

I like women to dine

I like music to remind

I like cold beer with women

I like women with cold beer

I like cold beer and women with music

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