Human Nature



            You can close my eyes, but I will stil see

         You can block my ears, but I will still hear

       You can break my legs, but I will still run

        You can cut my hands, but I will still touch

                              You can break me,

                    You can break my heart.

                You can never break my spirit.

               You can never break my spirit.                

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For The Hate Which We Are Known

There is no such thing as the honorable human,

Or the honest man who does his responsibilities dutifully,

Or the considerate woman who is selfless to those around her

Instead, there is the prejudice of those around us.

Be it color, or gender, the level of schooling and knowledge, or ethnicity.

There is simply the man hating the woman, the white hating the black,

And to say so otherwise that we, who call ourselves so evolved beyond hate,

Would be to call one's self a liar, a slave to what we are known for,

Instead of giving into the truths, dissolving our prides,

And shedding light onto the hate we are so known for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not a poem, so much as the way we live.

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The Devils Law Begins

An apocalyptic prayer,
banishes hope once there.
The birth of a dying age,
Witness the cleansation of the weak,
through the flames of rage.
The lost becoming forgotten,
As memories choke this life away.
Life pushes forward,
As the world stands still.
God leaving us to repent,
But the devil makes the rules.
Tomorrows promises can not be kept,
As yesterdays sins, consume today.
Your prayers are to late but will be answered,
Grief will be your reward.
This isn't a tragedy,
But a lesson well taught.
Darkness fills the land,
And the devils law begins.

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Walls Made of Flesh

Peel back the skin and let me see inside,
Let me see what you hide, show me
where your soul confides.
The flesh is only the outer shell,
Hiding whats inside, your personal hell.
Its much easier to have our walls of secrecy,
Judged on how they appear, rather than
Having the inner workings that determine our
Character judged. Walls of the flesh have no emotions,
Only keep them hidden deep inside.
These walls feel no pain as the bleed,
They merely reflect the weakness of that which,
We try to keep hidden safely behind our walls.
Yet when these walls are breached, and someone
Is allowed to look beyond their boundaries, what do they see?
Will they see a wounded soul whose bandages will never be removed?
Perhaps they see someone lost looking for the right path.
Either way they could not see until the walls have collapsed,
Every ones walls look different, yet they all protect
Something similar, and still so different from one to another.
So as you gaze upon the walls of another, remember,
No matter how the walls of flesh appear,
What they protect might be something completely different.

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A Breaking Society

Sit back and close your eyes,
As the remains of a once great society slowly dies.
Morals and honor nothing more than forgotten traits,
A society judged by the hate it creates.
Walking in a endless maze hopeless and lost,
We couldn't find our way out no matter the cost.
So wrapped up in our own circumstances,
We ignore our fellow man in need without offering even caring glances.
To involved to spare a moment of compassion,
You keep walking in your snobbish fashion.
A society aware of its problem, its cancer,
Yet is blind to the obvious answer.
Individuals are not the blame,
For we are all guilty and carry the same shame.
Perhaps helping those in troubled times,
Is a step to repenting for a societies crimes.
Embrace those pushed away,
And punish those who have caused them dismay.
The good in people has fallen astray,
One day to return, until then I pray.
I pray the bond of men will someday return,
Before its to late and the cities fall as the fires of hate burn.

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Educados y cultos?


Parlanchín didáctico,

De palabras y estrofas.

Capataz del idioma,

albergado en oraciones.

Político sublime,

Del que va, del que viene.

Trastornado personaje,

en cuadernos subjetivos.

Dogmática atestada,

De aparente historia.

Convergencia intelectual,

De estancados pensamientos.

Doctrinado anarquista,

De insípida prosa.

Bohemio pedante,

De sinónimos y antónimos.

Desesperado atleta Catedrático,

De verbos conjugados.

Talismán verbal,

Prorroga sin tiempo.

Expirado pasaporte,

de intelecto universal.

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El Favor


Soy Latino, soy gitano,
Todo el mundo
Es mi hermano.


Soy un Hombre, soy vecino,
Mas que nada
Soy tu amigo.


Compatriota, camarada,
El favor
No es por nada.


En la vida, en la muerte
Este amor
Es mas fuerte.  


De la tierra, soy arriero
yo cosecho
al mundo entero.

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The leaves of Autumn

fall to the ground sobbing

tears of joy flowing.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

crying tears of joy.

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A Sonnet on a Hidden Life

I beg you to approve our chests' desire

to stop sorrow from poisoning our blood

and when this world against us shall conspire

I will keep this vow though disgrace will flood

not of tradition this affair we've been

assumes the honor of hate, hurt and shame

sinful we've been to eyes that have seen

our same earthly acts to secure our flame

we live in a time that is not our time

for we are considered not for who we are

heavens, when did hearts' voice become a crime

that our cups you want to un-knot afar

In this isolation we must be strong

to prove our worth, just you and I along.  

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