When i found you! 2015

         when i found you 2015


When i found you I was lonely you knew

with you there's no sorrow i can face tomorrow

you were dear to my heart right from the start

I was really blue when i found you

we have only begun to have lot's of fun

no need to alarm i'm safe in your arm's

because we dont fight it's never felt more right

l felt like a new spring flower when i found you

I went from a zero because you became my hero

It started out as friend's and so It never end's

My love will not part it come's right from my heart

like the owl ask's who I say when I found you!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one for a friend because he is special to me, hes always there and helps me any time i need his help !!!

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When i found you

"Bravo" A lovely poem It captured my heart. Keep writing... *MilMan*  Cool

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When i found you!

thankyou MilMan i definetly will this one is very special to me because its true it does come right from my heart god bless you!!!