I wondered

Finished Poems

Saturday I watched the snowfall, as I walked on the sidewalk;

I wondered, why did I hate snow so much, if all it was, was water;

The Icee thin crystals were soft and beautiful;

All the little kids loved making snowmen, and having snow fights;

I wondered, had I lost my spirit?


Yesterday I watched little kids, more like stared;

All the laughter and screams came from them in the most joyous way;

I wondered, why did children enjoy laughing and screaming at nothing;

Is it because i'm grown and they're still innocent human beings;

All you had to do was look at their cute baby faces and they would laugh;

They would laugh because they're innocent.


Today I watched my puppy play, more like tease my cat;

I wondered, why did my dog like being so playful;

Her thick, black and white tail had slapped my cat in the face;

Yet she moaned and growled as if to laugh at her doing;

I wondered, why can't I have as  much fun as my dog?


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