Who I am


                                  Who I am

As you can see I am only me it's who I am and all I'll be

And specials the one thing the world will never see

It makes my family and friends sad when myself I'll slam

But I'll never lie about what I do it's just me and who I am

I have to be perfect for them to see beyond the cover and take a look

And see that there's more to me then the cover of that ugly book

Ive come to realize I'll never have the life I deserve cuz I'm just an ugly lamb

They never look beyond that cover and don't ever see just who I am

My pages are thick and not real thin so no one will turn that first page

They ignore my feelings and never see the walls I've built just like a cage

to protect me from the hurt i feel and the tears I've shed I've built a dam

But forever will i know  the truth about me and will always know it's who I am




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Hope you like it

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I am

I am the emptiness that fills your soul.
I am the one that creates a void, that hole.
I am the dread that never sleeps
I am the one who dehumanises you, so that you will never weep.
I am the one who brings no joy.
I am the one who plays with your emotions, you are my toy.
I am the one who will always bring you down.
I am the one who makes you feel like a clown.
I am Depressed, that is my name.
I am a figment of your imagination and you are my game!

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What I am.

Porcelain hands, legs, chest, face, and heart.
That is what I am.
Fragile, underestimated, overlooked.
Admired, but not loved.
Envied, and untouched.

Painted lips, dead eyes, no emotion, no voice.
That is not what I am.
Weak, empty, forgotten.
Looked at, yet seen right through.
Touched, without being felt.

I don't know what I am.
I am unseen, and unimportant.
Yet I am gazed upon, and held dear.
What am I?
A Doll?
A Trophy?
A Girl?
A Soul?
A Someone?
A Nothing?
Who knows.
Perhaps, I simply am, what I am.

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thoughts/comments appreciated.

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