Let me work!

Some things hold me back
for no reasons
let my desires
no longer oscillate  further
yet best of me awaits
for its momentum
No magic turns around
except my hard  labor to put on
it is time to rethink
what i sow and what i reap
day in and day out
walk by no noise,
yet my goal stands
at the other ends of the bank

My sailing boat
needs a Marathon fight
in these walks of life
let my Will not join
shipwrecked fate.

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Joy of Eagerness

Joy of Eagerness 

Nothing is too old,
Nothing is too new,
To explore myself.
Wandering thoughts
Juxtaposed with a clock.
Still, it sways twice to serve.
Let me not blame fate and fortune,
Nevertheless  they wheel  life.

Labour laughs at luck,
Passion stops at yielding.
Still, desire at heart
Makes me live in the present,
To carve a niche for better tomorrow.

Let me see,
 does my tired eyes,
Bestows a sleep for the day.
However,  too many nights
Went on chasing for
 a wild goose chase.
To know what these wandering thoughts are.
Want me to act, act and act.

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Pink, violet and glitter

Strong and proud in my own

- head, mind, body and soul.

Stop the fragmentising

bringing together the pieces

without judgement

- that is the goal.

Like a Bullet Train

Like a bullet train,

I am heading to grab my dream,

I can see it clearly,

It is there as a sparkling beam!



I know that the helper is there,

Ever with me,

Even if I cannot see my friend,

I do know that my pal is leading me nicely!



I wish not to stop before I reach my goal,


I know how vital it is, also knows my soul!

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*This Could Be*


 February.18.2013/ April.12.2015

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


This could be the dream come true

If you'd let me into your heart

A passion you never knew

No matter how tough

Just let me take care of you 

Trust me from you my love I'll never part

I'll stick by your side no matter how rough

You are by far my one true other half

You have been from the very start


I'll hold your hand

Through thick and thin

Right next to you is where I stand

I'm forever your woman

Who'll cherish you forever

Because you are truely my man

Lets stick together

From here to the moon my soul

Never start over 

Making you happy....Forever taking care of you

Will forever be my goal

I'll pick you up when you are down

Praying your heart no one has stole

I promise to make you smile

Whenever you wear a frown

My love in your heart I promise to stay for a long while


From the skies above

And all though out town

People will see what is true love

When they see us side by side

Hand in hand

God sent the angels to give us a message

That sticking through it together is in demand

That my nana believes we are soulmates

We are truely meant to be together and grow old

To never go to bed with hate

To kiss and have love in our hearts

You finding me was truely fate

This is what I've been told 

It has been written in the stars

I'll hold onto that message forever and always

To you I forever tightly will hold

And love you more and more each passing day


I will cherish and protect

Give you my shoulder for when you cry

Wipe away your tears

Our love I will never let it die

I will help you get through your fears

To you I promise never to lie

Honesty is all I ask for now in return

Have our dreams soar high

Promise to my heart you won't burn

Sweetheart I do ask

Please to me don't ever say good-bye

And from our past mistakes let us from it learn

To never repeat them again

Always remember there's no "could of been"


Keeping your heart my home

I know won't be an easy task

But I swear on my life I will always try

Please don't ever kick me out 

For that is my home

As for my heart is yours

Don't let this love pass us by 

Promise to eachother to not make it feel like an everyday chore

Lets be together untill we die

Even after we are angels

Flying freely in the sky

For I will forever stand by my man

Sweetheart you are my special Valentine

If anyone trys to take you away 

Shit will definitely hit the fan 

And it will be that persons worst day

I believe you will forever be mine

I want with you to take care 

To pick you up when your feeling blue

When you have cloudy days I will make them brightly shine

And make you feel brand new 


Everyday new experiences with you I want to share

Experience new excitement and make new memories

Every night lay on your chest

Your heart beat I want to hear

In your arms forever rest

Knowing for you I'll always care

Knowing that you know I think you're the best

This could be 

I know I'm almost there

I'll wait forever untill you see

When you look in my eyes and stare

I'm here to help you let go of your doubt

No one else will understand you like me 

No one else will show how much they care

Or treat you like your suppose to be 

To show you true love they don't dare

They do not see how great you are 

In your own true way

Unlike with them you don't have to put on a pretend show

With me you can be and act the way you want

Because honey your my luckiest star

You're the cutest there's no need to flaunt

This I hope you know


I will help make you see that everyday

That you are perfect as can be 

I love you everytime is what I'll always say

This I hope you can really see

While you soundly sleep

I'll keep watch so you can peacefully rest

And in your dreams forever play

I'll protect your soul

I'll protect you in each and every way

This will be my lasting goal

Know this honey this is my test

To show you my love

I Will show my very best

Each and everyday

To you a new way I will show you how

Our connection will never end soon

We are finally as one 

I will forever love you from here to the moon




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to the one I truely love....Derrick Mann

*I Just Can't Seem To Wake*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


As the sun goes down

My thoughts run free

Can't get rid of this frown

Struggling with myself

Fighting with me


No one will help me chase

These feelings held within

Slowly losing my mind

Slipping into an abyss of darkness

Somewhere unkind

Everythings just a madness

Someone true to find

Before my body gets weaker

And it takes a journey it must take


Away from the body it once live

So very much at stake

Leaving the body thats begining to rot

Soon will be pushed away with a rake

But its heart has not stopped

Only very badly torn

This has to be a dream

But it doesn't feel fake

The soul now loose at its seam

The demons try to take


To make it a nothingness

But a true soul will come to thee

Help it heal 

Make it a greatness

Help you feel

And give you love like never before

Set your pain free

Help you soar

Give back what the demon created

Take back what has been devoured

Hopeing this newness you'll store

And never again feel sour


Put the beat back into your heart

Give back your feeling

Never from your soul part

I my dear was brought to you 

I'm here to give your life a meaning

My friend  I'm here to keep your soul

Here to keep your thoughts new

Keeping you smiling will be my ever lasting goal


Even though I can't seem to wake

You will help me through

You will help my soul at any cost

By my side you will be 

Making sure I don't get lost

In my heart I always knew

My soul you'll never set free 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may add more or change it.... Doesn't feel complete yet. I'll come back to it :-)

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My Soul!

What is in my soul,
Its my life’s goal

What have I planned for my life to come,
Is it some money, is it some fun?
No No my life is looking for something more,
Something that will bring in a smile to my heart core!

Life says in secret ways, do what you like,
But true happiness will come, when you take selfless service with delight!

I got the key to pour out joy from my soul,
Service to the world is now my goal!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The secret to true and eternal joy, revealed as the yearning of a soul............

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Shut off the TV around 3am.
I lay in my bed and look, resting my eyes.
Reality fades and I see myself lying on sand, its dark, dry and cold.
The wind starts to pick up and the sand begins to blow.
Realizing in this vivid self reflection my body is more a decaying corpse.
The smell of death and my sin’s linger in the air; the smell so strong I can taste it.
Can I redeem myself and become whole again. Can I free my soul from the abyss?
Or should I pay the price and meet my maker to put a end to this.
Is it crazy or outstanding, what a person’s mind can dream up?
Life to me is like a maze, there are many paths to take.
You pick one and you walk down it.
If you come to a end you walk back and begin again, the only goal is to make it to the end.

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The Power Shift

The Power Shift

As the tingling sensation takes over my body and mind
I drop to my knees and begin to feel the ground as if there was something to find
I can't help but look towards the sky realizing my own demise
Shaking uncontrollably as my mind falls apart and what was me slowly dies
Now my mind has been undone, I have lost all control
Lost control of all of my mind, body, and soul
As my old self continues to suffocate, I now arise
Seizing control with a new foundation, new goals, and that insane look within my eyes
Power has shifted as my old self fades, fades away as I laugh close by
Wondering what I should do with all of my power now that I am free to take what is mine
It does not matter, I am finally free to do as I please, finally free
Now it is time to proceed…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

eat it

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