Let me work!

Some things hold me back
for no reasons
let my desires
no longer oscillate  further
yet best of me awaits
for its momentum
No magic turns around
except my hard  labor to put on
it is time to rethink
what i sow and what i reap
day in and day out
walk by no noise,
yet my goal stands
at the other ends of the bank

My sailing boat
needs a Marathon fight
in these walks of life
let my Will not join
shipwrecked fate.

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Hours and years of work,


Up in glorious raging flames,


Cleansing the long, laborious road,


Satisfaction in the pit of my belly,


Like lying by the fireplace after 


A Thanksgiving feast,


Another unknown destination awaits,


No plan for recreation,


As love paves the way 


To this nightmare's perdition,


Gathering calls of a new intuition,


I'm basking in justice's name,


So glad to know love is the same.





10:21 PM 6/23/201 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The end of a long a arduous path brings great enlightenment and comfort.