To Touch His Precious Face


I wanna take the hand of Jesus,

And look into His eyes.

Kneel before Him, in total submission,

And then before Him, arise.

To tell Him how I love Him,

How that He is, my All.

That I am grateful, for every time,

He lifted me, when I'd fall.


Just to stand, there with Him,

In all of Heaven's sight.

To finally meet, my Lord and Savior,

And feel the warming of His Light.

To know that finally, it's done,

My pain and suffering, is no more.

For there on out, will only be Joy,

From the One, that I adore.


I wanna be there, in His presence,

Just feeling His Mercy and Peace.

Giving up all earthly ties,

To feel that sweet release.

I'll give Him all the Glory,

Thank Him for all His Grace.

Reaching out, a timid hand,

To touch His precious face.









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Blood they say is thicker than water
Anytime I'm home with my mother
brothers and sisters
I feel like being with them forever
Their presence radiates joy and laughter
But this bond is more than that of blood
It's of blood binded with faith
Now I have to leave, it is a must
Though my body somehow resist
I feel no remorse leaving this apartment
I have a mission to fulfil, In sha Allah I will

There is another bond drawing me
of lovely brothers and sisters in faith
That makes me feel comfort
Even though I'm far away from home
They are all my family; they loves me
I'm glad I've them all around me
A home it is a away from home

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Dear God

Dear God,

Please forgive me.

I'm drowning in a sea of sin

And I feel like I'm losing you within.

I so badly wanted to fit in society

That all the pressure is giving me anxiety

And all I can do is sit here and cry quietly.

Please come here. Don't hide from me.

I need you. I feel like I'm breaking.

Please God. My heart is aching.

Come and take my pain away.

Fight my battles and take the strain away.

I've felt your peace before.

Please God help me. I'm on the floor.

I need you.

I need you right now.



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Mother's Eyes


 Alight with dreams in a mirroring mist,

beyond each day her children's futures exist

Treasures in plenty for the souls of wise,

comes the whispers from a mother's eyes


Always fresh linens to embellish the beds,

softest of pillows to comfort their heads

With cuddles prompting the peace filled nights,

a last day's kiss graces dawn's purist lights


From cradle until eternity slips away,

her love follows with never a delay

Throughout the years, placed in heart to hold,

reasons for life - she watches unfold


Giving her all in the lull of a song,

counting blessings -- the years pass along

Simplest of things always seemed worthwhile,

prayers were offered on an endearing smile


Laying her head in everlasting rest,

nestled comfort upon an angel's breast

Like the children taken to her own,

the dreams of heaven now leads to home


Mother I see you in my dreaming mists,

throughout my days your future exists

Treasures are plenty for a soul of wise,

I am a whisper from my Mother's eyes


© C.E.Vance

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The Ride of Life

Everywhere I've been and the beautiful sights I have seen

When I endure vivid images while I dream

I know it's all meant to be,

And these trials have a parallel in between.

Life's like a road trip, you try to find your own lane

Buckle up and be safe, hope others around you do the same.

Find your own speed that fits you, and when others fly by without hesitation,

Just enjoy your ride, and keep your eyes on the destination.

I'm so blessed to still be here, my guardian angels always been there to defend

Even though I've gotten lost, they steered me away from those dead ends.

I don't know what tomorrow brings, and that's not for me to know,

It could be the highest of the highs or the lowest of the lows.

But I must trust in my Lord, and learn how to embrace my faith, Take the good with the bad, and those mis-steps try and not retrace.

So this ones for the people punching the clock twice a day,

Barely sliding by from there measly pay,

Hardworking folks who deserve another raise,

Who get talked down to and deal with it anyway.

There's always a light at the end of your tunnel, sometimes its hidden away in a trap door

But no matter what you keep on moving, and remember that great things are in store.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another piece that I've wrote, give me some feedback if you'd like, thanks!!

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Ballad of the Stars (Incomplete)

'Ballad of the Stars'


A Rhapsody composition by; Matthew Wayne



                                                             In the beginning....




Act I “As the Sun sets.”



I have been lost for so many years,

I have shed and bled so many tears.

I am lost deep within this never ending labyrinth

desperately trying to make any sense out of this.

So here I am, with visions in my hand

trying to figure out a way I could possibly comprehend.


What is a normal life? Is it a loving wife?

Is it a home that I could call my own?

With land kept, and breath taking sunsets.

The cool autumn breeze, just maybe it's all of these things?

What is normal in the eyes of a stranger?”


As the sun sets on this strange day,

a whisper of hope these winds say.

On the dieing breath of a heart in chains

now watch the life fade from these eyes.

'The caged lion who slowly dies'

I had given up hope lost my passion.

While in winter watching the death of the sun,

they can strip you of everything,

take your sight but never your dream.

To die with a smile, is to remember what makes life worth while.


Act II

'May god forgive me for what I have done.'


I am no stranger on the road of sorrow,

crossed that line for the sake of survival.

I have witnessed a hell through my own pale eyes,

I felt the shadow of salvation that was just short of eye sight.

Forgiveness needed for our own stubborn ways, and the ignorance it portrays.

As the echo of the ego's war drums beat, having our humanity running in retreat.

Struggling to save face, from disgrace we quickly lose our grace.

Enable the monsters, the hypocrites to cast you out to sea.

Can you even kill the man in the mirror with your own bare fists?

Cheering victory as you now bleed from the wrists.

Stranded in the road, left for dead till your blood runs cold.


Barbarians that feast on the elegance of the swan,

In this cruel world, It's the survival of the strong.

As the wicked things play from dusk till dawn.

Monsters that rape the beauty from the mother of innocence.

Then wonder why an army of son's take up resistance.”


I feel death creeping towards my back.

Hell hounds caught my scent, ready for the attack

foaming at the mouth to strike a little more fear.

Locked deep in your dungeon, with just a whisper to keep me here.

Where I had made myself a prisoner to my own mind, my own cell

and through this maze you are not hard to find, after all this is my hell.




A tragic tale”




I have traversed madness and even escaped hell,

found love and was ready to set sail

however there is something beautiful to be found in that devil.



Her sorrows could be matched by no other,

in her arms was her dieing lover.

The moon had nestled against the peeks,

by the mountainside she had waited for weeks.

Her warrior did not show, fear told her to go.

She waged a quest in search, tore through the heavens in pursuit.

Hell be damned, she would find her man.


She was beside herself in tears,

under the stars she lived her deepest fears.

The beast was slain, but what cost? What pain?

She looked down into those eyes she had grown to love.

With but a whisper on his dieing breath he shall watch her from above.


There is an eclipse over your heart, those tears that tore her apart.

I hear her whisper to the moon, wishing her prayers to be answered soon.

Lost is hope, with no means to cope.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have decided to share the first two "Acts" that have been finished for some time now, as I am still working on the next ones. "Ballad of the Stars" will be by far my "biggest" piece written, I decided to base this artistic piece off of Shakespeares plays and the like. There is a direction/theme here however I had decided that with this I will go with my traditional style/method of writing which I consider open/loose (where the reader can relate it to something completely different then to what another reader would.)

As always I hope you enjoy the read! Comments and Critizisim is welcomed as well.

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Lost Myself

Volume Three

Lost Myself”


There is music playing in my head, as her bare feet glided across the stone pavers.

She was beautiful in her white funeral gown, with dead eyes she lead me to her own pyre.

I can see the flames burning away. I can feel the death creeping my way.

She comes to me in the image of beauty, a weakness in my heart she whispers to it.

Did I finally discover my insanity? Having conversations with myself.


The vision of death dances on in my mind,

to lose myself within the thoughts I find.

Silly dreams of such childish things,

where imagination is left to decay

all hope for humanity will rot away.”


Dreams that always fade before they begin, now reaching for the nightmares for solace.

Trying to live in love, desperate to live with love. Just another reminder of a fallen angel.

Wandering a morally corrupt wasteland, knowing no one will ever understand.


I traded the devil the best of myself,

and can think of a thousand reasons as to why I lost myself.

It's a fate that I deserve no less,

It's my date to reserve my death.”


Did I throw away my soul, did I abandon all hope. Lost myself to the madness.

Have I truly gave up on all of this? “The beauty behind the chaos.”

Trying to find myself in this darkness, following the scent of you.

Reserved my seat in hell as I followed the devil.

The skies will go dark and gray, the solemn moment before the rain.

When the heavens open up and the stars weep from above. “Wash away the pain.”




I have been lost for so long, a voice with no song.

I can remember the day I would scream “Where do I belong?”

As grace continues to pass me by, a dream turned nightmare when I close my eyes.

Beautiful memories fade over time as the emptiness will only grow,

trying desperately to find myself before I lose even more control.


With her finger she gently traces the beauty buried deep within my soul.

To wash the nightmares from this day, to keep the demons away.

She walks in a field of roses. In my dreams of ambrosia.

This reality we manifest is, 'experience this misery' we infect.

It's only when I find myself, can I escape from this hell.”



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My newest poem, just finished compiling it together.

As you will noticed from this, like the rare others I have this piece isint done in my normal style. I like to think of it as abstract when I go outside my comfort zone of a particular style of writing. Your thoughts?

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People say that faith is seeing things that aren't seen,
but really it is seeing,
not with your eyes,
but with your heart.
Finding those things and bringing them into sight is our ultimate point of eternal existence,
when the individual believes God is key.
with that key the secrets of the world are open.

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Calling Myself


A flicker, a flight

Shadows made of light.

A thunder, a blur

It's too much to endure.


I crawl to the shadows,

Only to fall out again.

To search for something more,

Some clue, where I might begin.


I follow another,

It's a path and a door,

Thinking maybe there's more here,

I press on like before.


And to my surprise,

...or maybe it's not,

I got all the way in,

Before I forgot;

My soul's sacred journey

The reason I came,

And so far I've learned,

Everyone else is to blame.


A giggle, a smack,

Keep Mr. Ego on track...

A crash and a splash,

illusions melt in a flash.


Back on my road,

The path ahead seems long.

Sometimes I worry,

What if I'm wrong?


These nibblets of shadows,

That creep through my brain,

Are my only real enemies,

And yet the power they've gained!


I close my eyes tight

I focus on my cause

I bless all the world

And give a brief pause.

I thank all the workers,

Those who wield light,

For yours is the journey,

I give my will and my might.


There's a sizzle and a fizzle,

As light starts to drizzle.

A crack and a pop,

As everything stops.


In my minds eye,

The periscope of my heart,

I wrap myself in this light,

Now I'm ready to start...


As the light breaks upon me,

Shadows break and they fall,

And to think all it took,

Was my making a call.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've always loved the word "periscope" :o) points for word usage! lol