A Spiritual Valley

Sunday morning Gospel

At a southern Baptist church

Praising with the choir

Listening to the Word of God


Where grudges are forgiven

And friendships re-united

We sinners find forgiveness,

Family, and a home


But here I sit

Alone at home

I couldn't be roused

To my own Father's house


I can hear the church bells in the distance

Calling white-washed tombs to repentance

Calling broken souls to be renewed

Calling crushed hopes to stand firm


Yet, here I sit

Looking out the window alone

Listening to their tolling

Refusing to be more

Than an armchair theologian


If my “deeds” are just words

Then they are not worth talking of

If I didn't speak to my Father today

Then why do I expect answers


If we are “the Body”

Why are we so apathetic

So CONSUMED by our own lives

That our faith wastes away


And as these thoughts come to me

I make myself more comfortable

Still refusing to be any more

Then an armchair theologian.

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Although the church is called

Although the church is called to worship together, there is also time for the kinds of moments and assessments you have described here.

Starward so to change to J-Called

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Dont be forgetting this is a

Dont be forgetting this is a world of action. Even sitting and thinking fulfils this.

Liked this venting. xP