Poem: For Upon My Head, Nothing Gold Can Stay

Standing at the threshold
of Death's ultimate door,
my last gasp escapes me...
As I've never experienced before.


Into the Heavenly realm
I ascend in wonderment,
now housed in an incorruptible body
and thankful that from sin I did repent.


Standing in God's throne room
freed of all Earthly flesh,
my spiritual essence is energized
and feeling fully refreshed.


Now gathered unto my Savior,
unencumbered reality is more than it seems;
for to be in His Presence
is my accomplished dream.


Having been given my kingly reward,
in these times of everlasting days,
willfully I set my crown at His feet.
For upon my head, nothing gold can stay.





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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2008, All rights reserved.


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Poem: Enjoy This Season

Withering grass of this season
with your abundance of green,
take advantage of Today -
Contribute to this Earthly scene.


Enjoy your present strength;
ignore worries of the past.
Let the distant failures fade
and let sweeter memories last.


Be true to yourself always,
standing tall and strong.
Focus on your own meadows and...
Learn to hum to Life's song.


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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2008, All rights reserved.

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God helps those who help themselves

If you're wondering when I'll stop loving God, the answer is never.

I will love and worship the Lord forever.

God helps those who help themselves, this is true.

If you are in need, help yourself and God will help you.

We live in a world that is sometimes sinister and cruel.

But if God is a part of your life, life can be wonderful.

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Different And Same


I know that faith and trust

Are completely different

That they always will be

I think in this case

They are one in the same


I know that you have a difficult

Time when it comes to trust

That anymore you can't

That way too many times have

You been filled with uncertainty


Well I have a difficult time

With having faith in anything at all

I have been hurt, completely decimated

So many times that it seems

That I am incomplete


But then I found you

And I found that you were simply existing

Just like I was so we decided to do this whole

Thing together and it has been so awesome

That never will we go astray



Written on

November 24, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About Chad. The love I was bound to lose.

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I don’t have faith

In a lot of things

But for some reason

I have faith in you


We have only talked

Three days and something

Says, 'just have faith'

And I find I do, in you


It means a lot to me

What we've shared

The meet up was to the point

This is me, that’s you


We just put that

On the back burner

And got to the real root

Of what we want/need


Then marriage and kids

Or am i moving too fast

I just know that

I am not wrong about you



Written on


October 4, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to a guy named Will. It obviously didnt work with him

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Simply Saying


I just met you

Only a week ago

And I'm already

Starting to see it


I'm starting to feel

That my heart

Is no longer mine

Its becoming yours


I cant quite say

That I love you

But its coming

Oh so quickly


See my heart

There on the shelf?

See how its bruised?

Do you see it?


That is because

I handed it out to

Absolute morons

That abused it


But something tells me

That you wont

Break it just because

You want to


So here I am simply

Saying that you can

Have my trust, my faith

And before too long


You will have my heart

And my love and my body

And not too long after

You will have my hand



Written on


May 12, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a guy I dont remember. Obviously, he wasnt worth too much.

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Before the bananas ripe

let's meet at least once
lest the fog dampen passion
let's water our love
the sun is bright this morning
and night's promising
let's meet and unfreeze winter
of years, drink some wine
restore warmth of faith and hope
and heal the breaches
without black goggles for seeing
let's meet at least once
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When the dawn ends,

You were leaving.

Cradled in your pain,


You didnt want to fail yourself again.

Grassy dew-

Can't undo.

The feelings and your memories,


Stopped giving,

Upon living.


But she gave you,


What you begged and desired,


For continous love and,


Hope, that you're not,


Alone and on your own.


Faded bruises-

Your self abuses.

Traveling through your veins-

Burgundy, blue shades held within.

Your dead ends and disappointments-

Drifting from your memories.

Hoping for a chance to make a stand-



She gave you,


Love stood the chance,


Above the stains and,


Never good enough,


For the pain you seek to,



She gave you love.

When you wouldnt love yourself.

Keeps me warm

Knees so weak-

But full of power.

Glances through and through-

Tears wore out.

He's tall as a tower-

His grasp pulls me through.

Through, this hurricane.


Crashing waves would pull me under-

But his love gives me strength.

Maybe I should run,

Run for cover.

But his palms keep me safe.

Through, this hurt and pain.


I might be lost in this fire-

But I feel peace and warmth.

One deep breath-

Oceans sweep and swept.

Alone, but not alone.

Through, this hurricane.


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