Are you sure I'm a member?

I've awed and I've cried

I've walked a divide.

I've run and I've sung

My life barely begun.


Tumbled through mountains,

Got soaked in the rain.

Suffered humilities,

I'll never mention again.


Been round the bend,

A wee bit, time or two

But how can any one person,

Make it all through??


I thought to myself,

What a ridiculous place

To trample about,

With a big leather case.


Work me to death,

I'm up at all hours,

I'm sure there's a reason,

You own all my power...


Why this for you,

and not even for me?

Why all for some,

yet others get none?


All of these rules,

That change by the hour,

Are all contradictory

And more than just dour.

Who made this law,

That we all have to follow.

Your way, or the high way,

It seems a bit hollow.


Why am I here?

'cause I don't remember;

Did I choose this club?

Are you sure I'm a member?

In either case sparky,

Here's how it goes,

I'm breaking tradition,

So come and behold;


As I change my life daily

To encumber your cause,

I'm the sun to your cloud,

If ever there wuz.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I haven't actually written poetry in some years... and what's pouring out now is not at all what i was expecting!! lol, it's definintely different than anything I've ever written... and is it just me, or does anyone else get a Dr. Seus feeling?? At any rate, please enjoy, I welcome your thoughts :) Bless you, Bless you, Bless you

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loosing my faith

what is the meaning of life?
its something, i ask myself,every single night/
 are we put here
just to live and die?
to see another loved one pass away/
fly away to the sky/
lord why must
the good, die so young/
everything, just keeps, getting worst/
feels like
the world keeps crumbling/
beneath my feet/
and slowly but surley/
i'm loosing, my belive,in every word that you speak/ 
i wish i wasn't so weak/
but everything keeps/
turning, so cold and so bleek/
where's the faucet?
ill turn off, the broken leak/ 
so that
me and the world/
can finally live in peace/Cool 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is my first lyrical poetry  post on this site thanks and hope you enjoy it. feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think about it?

Love of Money



Love of Money


Utmost admiration for every Muslim nation
Their people, taught from an early age
Very important, a sense of direction
To Mecca, six times a day they pray
And their god is god not money


Followers of other eastern religions
Again command my utmost respect
Very spiritual, connected to heaven
Money has a minimum effect


Because they aren’t following any sect

Then I take a look at the west

And all it’s organized religions
Most pray to rampant consumerism

Doesn’t stop some from connecting to heaven

But most spiritually vacant: No direction

Is your god, god, cash or the TV?
I propose, most in the west; last two
Ruthless cash accumulation, soap junkie?


They don’t know god, but do you?
If not, can you be bothered to do?

Everything in this world, carefully designed
To stop you from seeking out god

To confuse you in the choice of the divine

Of finding god; drastically lowering the odds
It’s a simple slavery issue: Or not!

Connect with god in yourself today and
The divine can guarantee better days


Master Jesus kicked the money lenders out
Root of all evil, love of money
better than a life of slavery


Once your surfing the material world

Instead of sucked in to produce
Life becomes s o much easier
Instead of feeling like a noose
Choose divinity; and break free of materiality

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Maya Angelou Flow


These clothes ain't worth much,
There's not a penny to define
But I'm rich on your love
I have nothing
& everything at the same time


Money never grew on trees,
At least not on mine
But I have a nectar sweeter than bees
I have nothing
& everything at the same time


Can't afford that expensive stuff,
The cheaper will do just fine!
Life came hard & made me tough
I have nothing
& everything at the same time.


So don't feel bad for the things I lack,
Modesty's never been a crime!
I got a man that's got my back
I have nothing
But EVERYTHING at the same time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote it while talking to my little bro. Started off as a joke & just turned into a poem. Suppose to have a smooth southern feel to it. Enjoy ;p

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From Energy to Ego

Volume Three

Ghosts whispers tales of sorrow,
the regret leaves a trail of horrors
It's hard to believe the egos of some
while others are just plain dumb.
This life is your trail by fire,
as humanity is something to admire.
Beauty within, starts at your conscious to begin.
Question everything. Stardust to a living breathing being.
The universe is our home, where energy is free to roam.

Heroes have died. The ego has pride.
The saints are gone and the angels have cried
out of the darkness, straight from the abyss.
It's sad for it is the little things you miss
Heaven and hell, words not a cell.
Punishable by your own thoughts and convictions,
Judges by your own creation
for in this life, reality is of your own manifestation.
Choice and action, Your influenced reaction.

Beyond any of this, there is but only a wish
however the truth is we will never know
what happens after death until we ourselves go.
Faith is such a tricky word; to believe.
That at least once our hearts and minds will be deceived.
To know god, is to know your perception will be flawed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Ego is important as it defines our vary individuality, however unchecked it could become the vary thing that destroys you.

My Angel behind the Glass

Have you seen my angel from behind the glass?
As she weeps her tears turn to liquid diamonds.
Amazing is that her sorrow can be seen by the blind.
I reach out and touch the cold surface of that glass,
Where our two hands would hopefully meet.
There seems to be another obstacle to block our love.
No words could describe the anguish felt.
To be so close, yet so far
and from the heavens my angel tripped and fell.

Welcome everyone to the freak show,
The mindless, psychotic horror show.
Where every nightmare is made real,
stepping into a reality only I knew,
stepping into the side show attraction.
The rejected, outcast of society.
Step through the curtain let your imagination take flight.
For there is a fallen angel behind the glass
and there before you is your better half.

The room grows quiet as hecklers make their remarks
judging those whom they do not even know.
I have shed my fair share of tears,
known pain, suffering and even sorrow.
I still look for that bright spot on what will become tomorrow.
As the lights come back on,
my angel behind the glass is now gone.
To the heavens, no one will know.
Just to be by her side is where I would go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is actually a revised version of an older poem I had wrote yet never published. I've been feeling really depressed here lately (always do near my birthday) So I figured it was a good time to release this one. As you may notice its not usually my style. and does not rhyme (is there a name for poetry like that? hahaha)

The World Turned Upside Down


(From 'ThoughtShock; A manifesto' Chapter 13)


Chapter Thirteen

'The World turned Upside Down'


Epilogue “My oh my

              My oh my, look at what we've done.

Found ourselves a pretty little gun.

Towards the heavens we looked, as we squeezed the trigger.


          My oh my, barely holding onto what we have left.

Still searching for god during our dieing breath.

Picking up these pieces, of these shattered reasons

memories and dreams of that perfect season.


You only lose; surrender when it is then you chose not to stand.”


                 The king is dead, as we believe every word that's said

and through the fires we shall walk among the liars.

We seem to have forgotten what this life is really about,

and you wonder why, I want to call you all out.

We see no evil, but can't resist being deceitful.


              My oh my, there is so much more than what we see.

A universe within a universe is that really so hard to believe?

Courage can no longer be found in a world built in sin.

Cruelty feeds evil in this game I am determined to win.

The devil will kick me while I am down,

it will be my own doubts that will keep me bound.

Chained to failure it will become a trophy

Look deep and you shall see its my apathy.

Caged within a society, who has a depraved mentality.

Epilogue “The world turned upside down


Journal Entry;

November 16th 2012


                          Nothing seems to make sense anymore. As if chaos were knocking at our door and I want no part of your insanity, fueled by greed and vanity. Where corruption is often rewarded and somehow truth is abhorred. We live in a world where valor has been slain and conditioned at birth to not even use your brain.

As the tides have shifted, as the deceptions get more twisted and even more wicked. With so much that has already gone wrong. I often wonder if this is truly where I want to belong. Where are the angels, where are those saints? In an age of knowledge god is not the only one who creates. By our hands we have the ability for such beauty, and by our hands the blood soaks so much travesties.


                        The only creatures that can think outside of the box. The only creatures to seek peace by talks. Though we choose violence to convey sympathy. An eye for an eye mentality and still too blind to simply see. That through the madness, when the dust settles. We will find ourselves on the other side of the battles.

I find myself wanting to fade away, why survive when hope seems to have left this day. Left stranded out in the freezing rain, an entire world drowning in suffering and pain. Desperately struggling just to survive, just to remain. We become the storytellers to the children, unfortunate that the lessons taught is the result of our sin.

Cowards will always hide behind the lies, their trickery makes for a perfect disguise. This is the world that is being shaped. The world you helped create. It's a world built on greed and hate yet never forget that this life is and always will be what you make.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was really starting to doubt myself again, until well this started brewing in my mind. I was really pleased with the way this came out, and I bet you all forgot about my book "ThoughtShock"

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Who Wins?

Maybe I should end it all tonight.
Just one shot and I could end it all tonight.
I've grown tired of people expecting me to fight,
I just want to lay back,
I want to see the light,
I want to walk off the earth, disappear from sight.
I want to let these words take action and make this the last night!

Or maybe... Maybe I should wait and see.
Wait and see what lies ahead of me.
After all, there is no destiny,
not to me,
In a world with no god we can be free to be whatever we want to be!

However, I fear there is a god.
With it's sick gaze set upon me,
steering my life into a blood red sea.
I fear there is a god trying to bring about an end to me.
So if I were to end this life tonight, who wins?
your god or me?

Through Death's Eyes

The Mighty Quin Presents.


Copyright © 2012 Matthew Wayne
'An M.D.Publication'.
All rights reserved.

Writing by:
Matthew Wayne

Illustrations by:
Eric D.

Chapter One;
“The Sickness”

His red ball rolled down the street as Quin froze in fear.
“Mom” the young boy shouted with all the force he could muster. He watched what appeared to be the grim reaper virtually glide down the middle of the road. To each side of him people and animals started dieing. Many of them went out gasping for air as if they could not breath. Some held their chest's over their hearts.
Death followed in the wake of this reaper as it moved closer and closer to the boy. Frozen in fear he felt his legs turn to lead as he so desperately wanted to run. The closer death grew near, more of his vision started fading. Just as the hooded figure was upon the boy he blacked out.
The reaper continued on, raising his arm as it passed by the child, his skeletal finger gently tapped the boy's forehead. He gracefully fell back onto the pavement. All was quiet as death continued on down the road. The boy laid there peacefully as cars veered off the roads when the reaper passed them. In all the chaos the young boy takes a shallow breath. The noise fades in and out before long bleeding into the backdrop of his own beating heart.

Quin awoke from his slumber. Laying in a hospital bed. Confused and scared. The last thing he had remembered was his ball rolling down the road, then a black shadow before he collapsed to the ground. His eyes slowly looked around the room. Attached to his body were wires that connected to various machines next to his bed, each buzzing as if they had been left unattended for some time now. Quin's voice was hoarse as he tried calling out to anyone who might hear him.

Gathering his strength, Quin managed to crawl from the bed, being dehydrated made him weak as his balance unstable. After removing all the various wires that were attached to him. He held his breath as he quickly pulled the needle from his hand that had been connected to the I.V. His eyes swelled with tears as he cried out to anyone who might hear him.
When nobody responded he carefully made his way to the door of his hospital room, opening it his eyes grew wide as his jaw slowly dropped. He let go of the door handle as it continued to open all the way.

The hallway was a mess, as if only moments ago there was a riot of some kind. Bed's flipped over, trash and medical supplies thrown everywhere. It was the dead bodies that scared Quin, his eyes glued to the chaos before him. They littered the floor as he carefully moved to dodge every corpse he managed to pass. Some were laying their heads down on their reception desks. There was no blood. No signs of any violence apart from the chaos of the room that managed to look as if a bunch of kids ram sacked it. Quin was frozen in shock at the insanity before him.

The lights above him flickered as he made his way to the large sliding glass doors of the hospital's entrance. Holding his breath as if not to disturb the dead. Quin took a step forward towards the doors as the motion sensor kicked on opening the sliding glass doors revealing the wilderness of the outside world.
What Quin saw however was completely different than what he was expecting. People were walking down the sidewalks. Cars pulling in and out of parking spaces. Walking a few feet, he felt the sun hit his face as he looked up feeling the warmth against his skin as he lowered his head he froze once more catching his breath as before him only a few feet away stood the reaper once more, towering over the boy.

The reaper was about to speak, but suddenly Quin felt a hand grab his arm quickly spinning him around and before him stood his mother, before she could say anything he quickly jumped into her arms holding her tight. He was afraid he had lost her.

“Well I have some good news” The doctor said as he walked up to Quin's mother who was standing at the window outside of his room. She took a deep breath as she wiped the tears from her eyes as she heard the doctor. “Oh.. I'm sorry I was just lost in thought.” She said as regained her composure. “Good news?” she asked hesitantly.
The doctor looked up from his files as he smiled towards her. “Yes, it seems our current treatment is working for Quin.” Her eyes drifted towards her son who was sitting on the bed in his hospital room. He was wearing a gown and a cap that covered his bald head. He sat at the foot the bed, staring straight ahead, as if catatonic. Sitting across from him was the reaper. Quin was focusing hard staring deep into the blackness of the hood. Trying to see if he could make out eyes or anything for that matter.

The room was quiet, until Quin broke the silence. “Am I dead?” his voice was soft but direct. The reaper slowly shook his head from side to side. Outside of his room the doctor was going over the technical aspect's of the boy's condition, “He seems so disconnected with reality doctor” His mother spoke her voice shaky and rattled. “He told me, he saw his reaper as in the robe and everything.” The doctor nodded his head. “You know, with the location of the tumor side effects such as hallucinations are bound to occur, Your job is to keep him grounded here.” The doctor trying to reassure Quin's mother put his hand on her shoulder.

“Am I dieing?” Quin spoke again to his reaper who sat across the room not even a few feet from him. This time the reaper nodded his head slowly. Without warning the reaper stood up. “It's time” a deep voice from out of no where as the reaper raised it's arm a skeletal finger reaches out touching Quin on the forehead. Quin's eyes rolled up into the back of his head as his body suddenly stiffened up before going into convulsions. His doctor and mother jumped into action rushing into the boy's room the doctor quickly starts yelling towards the wait staff for help as Quin flopped wildly on the bed from his seizure.

Chapter Two;
“The Quest Begins”

The room buzzed with beeps as the various machines attached to Quin monitored his condition. Quin's mother sat in a chair next to his bed gently holding his hand, as a nurse was checking his fluids hanging in bags on the other side of his bed. The door opened as the doctor came in. folding his arms over his chest. “It looks like we have him stabilized for now however, I'm afraid now.” He paused for a moment then walked over towards her looking down. “He has slipped into a coma, The only thing we can do now is watch and wait.” He hung his head as he left the room. She turned her attention back towards Quin this time squeezing his hand a little harder. “I'm here baby, Mommy is not going anywhere sweetie. Just wake up” She took a deep breath fighting back the tears wanting to rush out.

Quin opened his eyes, he was standing in the hallway of his old house. Buzzing with sounds from the television, kids running around the house. He remembered this, it was only a few months ago, weeks before he was diagnosed with his illness. His mother was entertaining a new friend as she called it but he was really her new boyfriend. She tried to soften the blow towards him and his younger brother after losing their dad.
Looking around the house Quin spotted his reaper standing by the door. Walking over to him he stopped, looking around the house again before speaking. “What is going on here? Why did you bring me here?”
“Kids!” Quin's mother shouted from the dinning room, her voice carried up the stairs to their room where they were playing. The past Quin pokes his head out of the room and yells in anger towards his mom “I DONT CARE I DONT WANT TO MEET YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND!” he waited a moment before adding on “AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!” His head disappeared back into the room slamming the door. That set off his mother as she quickly took off towards the stairs. Quin remembers this day, she not only had a long talk with him but he got punished as well for acting out as she put it.
“I did not bring you anywhere” The reaper spoke calmly towards Quin. “We are inside your head. All of this, is of your own creation.” When Quin blinked in that split second his entire surroundings had changed. No longer were they in the house, now they were standing in the middle of a field, on a hill. It was dark, over looking the stars and they even seemed a bit brighter than usual.
The reaper's deep voice broke the silence. “You have one chance to live, but it will cost you and you must prove yourself worthy.”

“Quin” A soft voice whispered directly into his ear caused him to quickly turn around in doing so once again his surroundings had changed, It was day time now. Standing in what appeared to be a desert full of odd shaped cacti. Each one representing a shape. Some even formed the shape of a number. In his hand he was holding what looked like a steel bar, no longer than four or five feet.

“What the hell” Was all he could find words for. He quickly closed his eyes and tapped his toes together three times while repeating “there is no place like home.” he slowly opened one eye. Hoping to be back with his mom, but when he opened his eyes he was staring at a cactus in the shape of a square. Looking around again, he noticed what looked to be a trail, that had previously been used a few times. Taking a deep breath he began walking. He did not even know which direction he was heading in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just couldnt resist myself!!!! What can I say, I have a bad habbit of sharing my work before I finish it. haha This is the first two chapters (obviously a vary rough cut) of my Kid's book "Through Death's Eyes" I've been using this project as a vent for my creative juices since I've been suffering from writersblock as well as working on various other projects. One of them being The Postpoems publication.

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