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Greece Here I come:

Seasonal Holidays:

For this fortnight in the Sun, I have long awaited.

A whole two weeks without a cloud or raindrop!

Passport, tickets checked, bags loaded, awaiting here with breath abated.

Oh! my finances in a special envelope.

Say goodbye to soggy Britain, so little sun, you can get ricketts.

I am off to Greece to mingle with their culture.

Might even find a beach where they play the wickets

To a land we go;  where there is many a sculpture.

The hotels great, there is so much fun.

To try the arts, pottery, painting, mosaic.

Only all day at my disposal and lots of Sun.

And amongst buildings that are realy archaic.

Another hot day, down to the beachl remember uv factor.

All this warmth golden sands, neatly arranged sun loungers.

There's a pool at the hotel too, I'll look it up later.

To dive into clear sea; no prelevant dangers.

Fine dinning this evening, I've heard, an open plan buffett.

No platter empty, although dropped plates made a clatter.

Ooops! we seem to have colided, what a muppet!

But we are on holidays does it realy matter?

A museum to visit on a trip tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see Greek pottery.

The pattern's changing styles through the ages; bet it's wars and sorrow.

Holidays nearly over now, I'll take a walk amongst the rockery.

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Love holidays.

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