When I go to the Fair.



I am thrilled to see the Ferris wheel.

Watching the racing car ride makes me giddy.

I have visions of sliding down the helter skelter reel.

I see people everywhere and they make me dizzy.

When I go to the fair.

Hearing the funfairs rides is exciting.

The arcade too; strums out loud music;

I hear youngsters at the fair playing:

Rhythems on the air, intricate and basic.

When I go to the fair.

Wafting through the air I smell hot dog.

The aroma of candyfloss too, there.

A burger appeared out of a vaporized fog.

Wherever you go at the fair, there is appetising fare.

When I go to the fair.

The feeling of excitement fills the senses.

At the fair, happiness is my usual state.

Although I am always uncertain, is my consensus;

As all the rides there give me an uneven gait!

When I go to the fair.

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A childhood day out to the fairground as a treat. Excitement, happiness, sweets what more could a person want.