Santa's Arrives

Childrens Poetry

Santa's merriment this coming Christmas will be something to behold!

The family's sentiment at this time of year a joy to see.

All ready with their attonement; however,none needed as they'd all been so good.

Santa notices the ammendments on the Christmas lists; left where they lay.

Santa's announcement that he had found the food,

Santa's ammusement with a mouth full of mince pie.

The reindeers ate to fullfillment, the carrotts left , as they too had. had a hard day.

Now to the arrangement of the presents piled high to the sky.

In contentment around the Christmas tree Santa carefully arranges the gifts.

Someone's up already, quickly time to leave and fly.


By Anita Griffiths 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas for 2016, best wishes and regards, Happy Holidays.

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Hope you had a lovely Christmas

Hope you had a lovely Christmas



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Merry Christmas to you  ! Enjoyed this write!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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great christmas poem,merry

great christmas poem,merry christmas to you !

ron parrish

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Santa Arrives

Thanks for reading my festive poem, I am glad that you liked the poem and took time to read it.

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Happy Holidays To You

May your days be merry and bright! It snowed here finally after spring like weather last week, a Canadian vortex swooped down and brought lots of snowstormy weather - went to mall dashing thorugh the snow - an annual jaunt for my grandson to buy presents for his mom and dad and, of course, his grandma. - Peace and Joy for the season is what I wish to you and all those you love. Yours In Writing, - Stella -




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Santa Arrives

Thanks for your comment Allets so your having a snowy time probably for Christmas too. All my best wishes for the Christmas Holidays may you and your family find joy and happiness.