Adventures of the Heart

My brother, the great locomotive.

What reminds you of the loved ones we have when you see or hear some things,

What adventures do you imagine or stories do you tell about them,

Why not express the love for them by showing it instead of hiding them,

It will only make you feel more proud to have known who they are.


When I hear a train I don't hear the train itself but my brother blowing the whistle,

I imagine him standing there inside the train driving it all over the states,

I hear the sound the wheels make as they keep on rolling at steady rates,

I listen to the train but its his stories of his adventures I hear. 


When I see the steam puffing from the train I can imagine the fun he's having,

Traveling all over state to state hauling train cars or people to there destination,

I can imagine him standing in the door way of the train with a big grin,

Because hes experiencing his dream as a great locomotive.


"Adventures of the Heart"

Just a thought!

All this time, I've been told..."Absence makes the Heart grow fonder,"

Only to find out, you're just left dazed and empty inside. You remain

Standing alone, smoldering in ashes, then drowning in a pool of sorrow,

Made from a river of your own tears to extinguish the flame.

Now you're stuck up a creek without a paddle as you plummet

Over the falls into the dark obyss, churned up in endless swells of

Self pity and loneliness.  Drenched and half drowned from swallowing

Your pride, you pull yourself up on the rocky shore, pausing for a

Moment to catch a breath and reflect back, realizing, you survived.

Now, the long walk home, weighing your options, sequencing events,

Taking in all that's happened, you are anxious, and anticipate making

better plans... for your next, wild adventure.

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"Adventures of the Heart"

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