Startled by screaming angels
Awakened by the song
Alas, the world is over
And the Lord Of Darkness won

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From the dimension where the faceless demon resides,
from far beyond the stars, it has been traveling for billions of years;
the one known as the end of worlds, the devourer of stars;
the darkness beyond darkness.
Many names it is called, and on the eve of the new age of transference,
the followers of the realm await its coming; on roof tops they pray
in trance, they cry out in awe of its power
and in faith, they indulge in ritual, bleeding and making sacrifice
seeking to open the gate to the realm; seeking to appease the one
of many names.

Evil Inside

Volume Three

“Evil Inside”

“The serpent awaits it's prey, to dine on the delicacy of the day”

I've searched the nature of evil,
It's somewhere off route 666;
between the crossroads of bowling for your skull
The devil circles me, and dances as my demons lay in wait
using my weaknesses against me, my addictions are their bait.
This is the nightmare that becomes the reality I create.

“There exists a demon who hides within my heart,
it claims it's dominion as it resides within my art.”

I slipped and fell, a journey once again to the depths of hell.
The suffering, endless torment and always the reminder of the regret.
How one little mistake, can cause the mind to break
There is only so much a simple man can endure, can take

“There exists a demon, who hides within my mind
it's realm, it's reach, resides beyond that of time”

I have lost my way, blinded I've lost my direction
trapped by my own shadows, suffocated by that vary darkness.
Where temptation is being whispered into my ear,
Seducing me to my every obsession.
To only wake in peace, would be my dieing wish
yet it's a forgotten relic that no longer exists.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The placeing of this piece was hard, I was origionally going to save this for a series on my "Morbid Devices" collection, however I decided to place it as the first in my third vol. I still may spotlight it in the series... I hope you find it interesting and a good read.

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Yestderday's News

Satan, you are underneath me.
A foreclosure has been delivered.

You are hereby notified to vacate.
The town you live in is shut down.

All the employees are under lock up.
The evil ones now fear me when I approach.

It is known by all demons, God comes before me.
My language is foreign and not understandable.

The key to the kingdom of heaven is my voice.
I speak at a level not recommended for amoeba.

Every day you must restore all your illusion.
I believe the cost is too high to rebuild again.

Hell does not have that kind of prosperity at hand.
The bottom line is you can’t afford me anymore.

My size of body has grown too giant in stature.
Everything you stand for is ruin from me.

I now carry the flame that reveals darkness.
I heard from Jesus that light blinds you.

That must be why you are closed today.
I heard the city of Hell is under national alert.

Actually requesting medical assistance from Jesus.
I heard the cries from you a mile away.

The word is he can only offer you water.
Divine powers of that force wash sin away fast.

Too bad a flood would work against you, old man.
Guess you, Satan, are fresh out of luck on this hand.

Dodge for cover, lifeboats and sunglasses burn in Hell.
So with my newfound divine wisdom I decided to pray.

I asked God to grant you forgiveness and bless you.
Miracles really do exist in every silver lining for both of us now.

Only your miracle for assistance brings with it the end of you.
Since water puts out fire, it will bring divine cleansing from heaven to me.

Freedom at last and in final farewell I bid you a fearful day.
I thank God in knowing it is my rebirth and your death.

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All Aboard

Yestderday's News

Be very quiet and breathe below normal range,
almost as if your heart has stopped.
The night creatures are out right now
looking for live breathing bodies.
Pretend you are dead in your bed.
Do not move or make a sound.
The demons smell fear.
Soon the gatekeepers will search
your mind to see if you know the “Lord’s Prayer.”
It is the only way to board the train
to a pleasant valley called, “Somewhere Ville.”
Actually the unreal world is the real one.
Another universe known as the endless world.
The train is tonight sometime before dawn.

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Ascend from the grave
rise offspring of the night
awaken from your sleeping tombs
creep through every open window
through every seam
tickle the feet of those who sleep in fear
bit on their feet
pull their hair
cry out in their ears
for your agony shall be theirs
and your melancholy will they know
even as they sleep
their souls stir in the night
and all their conscious thoughts lie
within the sphere
offspring of the worm
torment them for they have forgotten you
and left your tombs to fade into the void
lie by their side
make them shiver with the cold breath
of the lonely dead the freezing wind
of your demise
watch them from the closet
giggle under their beds
grab their ankles and hold on tight
for they shall know the fear of the thing
no one sees
and the thing everyone fears
ascend children of the night.

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Upon the world night falls
and darkness covers the face of the earth
as shadows descend
down on the sleeping
who's faith falls on the safety and comfort
of their dreams
sleep children of the sun
sleep under the covers for my offspring
shall visit you in the night
pray to your God
that the evermore shall find you with your
eyes closed to the dark
sleep sleep sleep
for the night shall come to claim
you and the breath you breath
shall be taken from your bodies
lest your eyes be closed
and your holy water be at your bedside
and your bibles in your closet
sleep children of the sun sleep.

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Wishes Of A Jaded Girl


I opened my eyes today

And welcomed the warm sunlight

Put a smile on my face

Just in case today doesn’t go right


I thought of some good times

And pushed out some bad

Put some thought into

Things I’ve never had


I don’t want what I can’t have

I don’t wish for more than I do

I have always known

Good things will come to you


But I asked today

For one simple thing

Let me lay down my demons

So I can open my broken wings


I need to fly, to be free

I need the wind in my hair

So I can believe for one moment

That life really is fair


Can you help me my friend

Can you help me move on

Even though I can’t really say

I can be that strong



Written on

August 1, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is ohh so true. Hince the screen name, CrimsonAngel, crimson is the color of blood and angel is what I have always wanted to be. Bloody angel, just because I have been hurt so many times in the past.

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Devil says...

I danced with the devil for a moment last night
When he took my hand I was filled with fright


I knew who he was as I followed his lead
But I didn't let on... it was only a dream


Why has he come to me on this plane?
What message has he from his domain?


After a while I escape from his sight
But one of his minions still stands by my side


I step back behind him and open my palm
Passing his heart my hand shudders so strong


Demons squirming kicking and screaming
I was startled awake but still remained dreaming


Again I pass by the shudder has lessened
Making me feel less and less threatened


I scoop out the demons hiding inside
Scooping and tossing I cast them aside


Soon I reach in... empty the bin
I know I have healed this man from his sin


Who might he be this man in my dream?
I did not know him yet he came to me


A healer in dreamtime is this what I do?
Devil inside says it can't be true



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