Yestderday's News

Satan, you are underneath me.
A foreclosure has been delivered.

You are hereby notified to vacate.
The town you live in is shut down.

All the employees are under lock up.
The evil ones now fear me when I approach.

It is known by all demons, God comes before me.
My language is foreign and not understandable.

The key to the kingdom of heaven is my voice.
I speak at a level not recommended for amoeba.

Every day you must restore all your illusion.
I believe the cost is too high to rebuild again.

Hell does not have that kind of prosperity at hand.
The bottom line is you can’t afford me anymore.

My size of body has grown too giant in stature.
Everything you stand for is ruin from me.

I now carry the flame that reveals darkness.
I heard from Jesus that light blinds you.

That must be why you are closed today.
I heard the city of Hell is under national alert.

Actually requesting medical assistance from Jesus.
I heard the cries from you a mile away.

The word is he can only offer you water.
Divine powers of that force wash sin away fast.

Too bad a flood would work against you, old man.
Guess you, Satan, are fresh out of luck on this hand.

Dodge for cover, lifeboats and sunglasses burn in Hell.
So with my newfound divine wisdom I decided to pray.

I asked God to grant you forgiveness and bless you.
Miracles really do exist in every silver lining for both of us now.

Only your miracle for assistance brings with it the end of you.
Since water puts out fire, it will bring divine cleansing from heaven to me.

Freedom at last and in final farewell I bid you a fearful day.
I thank God in knowing it is my rebirth and your death.

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