inner demons

Seven Sins


It always demands a sacrifice

It - or - They demand a deal

They are the devil at the crossroads waiting for a soul to steal

The choices of the seven deadly sins

Which one will you choose?










It consumes the light, but in return fills with dark pleasure acting as a temporary high; a short-lived fix that like acid burns.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The seven deadly sins resides in all of us....

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My mistake

My Mistake



Who is that? 

There, in the darkened corner. 

A shift of the light. 

Are those hoovs he stands on? 

My eyes adjust a bit. 

Long, twisted, needle sharp horns


Glistening deep red skin,, no,, scales? 

Curtains blow aside, allowing light. 

Fingernails, wait,,,   talons. 

My sight clears a little more. 

A cats eyes

Jagged, misshapen, yellow fangs.

I sweat. 

Mouth so dry. 

Am I shaking ? 

Corded muscle, huge, impossibly powerful, uncontrollable. 

My eyes see clearly now. 

Ribs ? Exposed bone, rendt flesh. 

What?  My face, on his. Why ? 

Ough,  the stench.

Music ? What is this ? 

No! He comes toward me

Steady gate, knowing smile. 

I can't move. 

A deep mocking bow in front of me . 

His taloned hand, reaching,  but palm up?

The music,  louder now. 

I realize..... 

God, help me. He wants to dance. 

Why am I taking his hand....... 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Self explanatory I think. 

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Fearful Indulgence

Is it better on fearful feet

To run from my ghastly ghouls

Who maliciously haunt my innocuous mind?

Or to turn and try a fight

In which I will most certainly succumb

To my ever living enemies?


Enemies of the mind,

Their variety endless,

Just as their abilities

To shatter and destroy,

Fragile and unlike alike,

To fragments of former reality.


Is it so noble

To fight demons undefeatable

Rather than choose a simple flight

Away from tormentous anxieties?

A decision quickly made by a courageous and fearful few,

And pondered upon for lifetimes by others,

Will haunt me alike to the fears

Who proposed the question initially.

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after you (my life as a succubus)

After Death

our love was like the ocean that made us.  

huge, immense, beautiful, turbulent, raw, eternal.

our love was the binding of souls each to each

in turns brotherly, sisterly, dark, mundane, and maturnal.


our love was constant and proud as any king

unconditional and obvious, i'd give you anything.

such joy never lasts, and hope must be lost.

such love has a price, and it's a very high cost.


they say a minute can change everything.  they're right.

one phone call turned every daylight to night.  

if love must be tested i came to the call.

before god and everyone i gave you my all.


but nothing i did could sway lady fate. 

on the fifth day, the worst day, you became the late.

i'll never forget the day it all changed.

it was the day my whole life rearranged.


that's how i knew our souls had exchanged.

i lost in me something childhood had ingrained.

all that was left was a huge gaping hole

and tattered edges of what was left of my soul.


i was briefly psychic, a bewildered empath,

feeling the beyond of strangers in my path.  

but then i was empty and hungry and cold.

i felt myself eating other bodies and souls.


like a horrible monster i preyed on the weak.

decay and disease provided nourishment i seek.

the fetuses of women called to me most.

all that i fought still brought an unwitting host.


i stood on their weaknesses even as i fought myself.

i was eating their disease and stealing their health.

still the hole ached in its eternal place.

still even strangers saw the sorrow in my face.


i started sucking on lightbulbs to save the innocent.

jittery, electric, nervous, artificial, body dissent.

my soul craved the edge of life and death 

but artificiality left it tweaky and bereft.


then my monster took a much darker turn. 

love could steal pieces that life couldn't earn.

pharmacology and sex can take more than is given, 

and hell can fill anything left empty by heaven.


unwitting, unaware, i swallowed a piece of a soul.

i felt it, immediate, a salve on that hole.

now my soul is nothing but a patchwork quilt.

i suck at these creatures and yet feel no guilt.


there is no number, no amount could replace you.

and no matter what, i would never erase you.

but each of these fools who bows to my wit

erases the pain of losing you a little bit.


and knowing the cosmos as only witches do, 

i always think first, i know you and thank you.

and in the cycle of life and death, circles and spheres,

you and i are only us, right now and right here.


i eat of you and take you and will not give you up,

nor could you stop me if you knew on which i sup.

but all that which is given first must be earned,

then honored and cherished, loved and hence returned,


to each of you fools held under my sway,

take comfort in the fact we'll meet again one day.

and next time i will owe you a debt to the dark

to be paid in full til it erase any mark.


and i hope that, each to each, you reply in the time

you need it most, and it fills a need as deep as mine.

and i hope, in that moment, you stand a foot in each world,

and i hope in that moment the life's mystery is unfurled.


eat of my soul and know of my sorrow.

dissolve away what is in you that's hollow.

for these strangers i will give up what is lost,

for a debt is not paid until you know what it cost.


and a pain spent over lifetimes and very slowly eased

is the feeling of needed peace and demons being released.

it's the moment of giving and sacrifice that makes us.

and in life and death, it's the devil that takes us.

in the darkness before the dawn it's hope that forsakes us, 

but from the ashes only we can remake us.



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Startled by screaming angels
Awakened by the song
Alas, the world is over
And the Lord Of Darkness won

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