From the dimension where the faceless demon resides,
from far beyond the stars, it has been traveling for billions of years;
the one known as the end of worlds, the devourer of stars;
the darkness beyond darkness.
Many names it is called, and on the eve of the new age of transference,
the followers of the realm await its coming; on roof tops they pray
in trance, they cry out in awe of its power
and in faith, they indulge in ritual, bleeding and making sacrifice
seeking to open the gate to the realm; seeking to appease the one
of many names.

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indigo_kid007's picture

Could it BE!!!

Sounds like alien-ess to me.... no, no, joking, really I understand.


Shadow_season's picture

Its cool, your good. I like that you could picture something while reading it. To be honest I've got a ton of influence for writing that.