Breaking Through

Breaking through the sands of time,

Lost in self, lost in mind.

Breaking through the sunken soul,

Blazing, crazing, lost control.

Breaking through the forceful sin,

Looking down at broken skin.

Breaking through the will of living,

Seeking faith to be forgiven.

Breaking through the will to die,

Thinking now, 'twas all a lie.

Breaking through the long lost spirit,

Face to face you come to fear it.

Breaking through the shattered mind,

Blindly seeking, the soul does find.

Breaking through the doubt within,

And now, my friend, may life begin...

-Morbid Seraphim

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This World

The world is falling to pieces,

and people just dont seem to care.

Pollution its killing dont you see,

the smog thats up in the air.

What can we do to stop it,

what should we do in the now.

To save our planet to get on track,

before its to late to turn back.

which it already is in my opinion

Author's Notes/Comments: what you gonna do about it...

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Brilliant how I'm getting this.

Just how long have I been letting this

Affect the way I live each moment,

How my life not so long ago went?

I throw up my hands with a loddy-frickin-do.

I'll always be a cowboy dear, with or without you.

Why did I ever expect more from you?

What did I think this all would come to?

F me, man, I'm pressing through this.

Maybe some day I could do this.

You don't get it.

I won't let it.

Be the way it's always been.

Hold my breath and count to ten.

No more anger, no more fists.

No more need for all of this.

No more sickness, no more pain,

No more need to shift the blame.

You get mad if I'm nice, want to forget me when I taunt you.

But, after a Waltz and a Foxtrot, you won't want to.

Hold on tight, to the black and the white,

And never let go till you pass out from the light.

You have this frightful fascination,

With eliminating my elation.

Not a thing that I can do now,

No point trying to show you how.

      - Lo Ruhmaah

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"I will sail my vessel, till the river runs dry.
Like a bird upon the wind, these waters are my sky. I'll never reach my desintation, if I never try. So I will sail my vessel, till the water runs dry" - Garth Brooks

(pelvic thrust)

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I'm watching as the days go bye

One by one, as I don't try

Slurring into one big week

Ignore it all don't even speak

I can't tell were I began

When I picked up my feet and ran

Never took a look behind

Leaving my mind to go unwind

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Her taste was only -- Success

She, failed no exam -- Never

In school nor in college.


Did, she fail in Courage!

In and outdoors,

At work or home-


Unfortunate she became

When she was-

Left, on the road to spin

Like a top-

From the swing of a rope.


To the masculine whip-

Losing grip on her life-

There was a single

Choice to

Live again – Separation.

By divorce, did she fail or win?

Question, endlessly haunting her mind-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Marriages are made in heaven

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My Decisions

Its really funny that I'm crying over you now

I never was your type

And now I'm thinking..Haven't I been here before?

Haven't I done this here before?

Because this is the zenith time you've left me

For someone else, but this time...

Unknowingly, you broke my heart.

And that is sometimes the most deadliest, dangerous way to break it

Because out of the pride I lost long ago,

I still have to guard my heart

So you don't know what you do to me

Those compliments are lethal to me, so seductive

And you pain me more by loving me

Like you have before.

When you've had other girlfriends,

you say you never stopped thinking about me

But I know that can't be true

You've gotten so far

And left me in the dust

Thousands of miles away from you, I hear your thoughts,

And most of them havent been about me for a long time

It causes me to wonder if you're still the same,

and playing me like a fool,

A card you always have stored up your sleeve

Or whether you really mean what you say

So, what can I do?

Guard my beaten, broken heart and leave you,

leave the chance at love divine

Or risk it all, and love you,

Wind up broken, in tears, and scarred

But with a memory of it that will last for a life time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*~ Dedicated to Gabe ~*

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closet boxes 2003

What is the worth

of a few gold coins

or even millions-

when you are gone

no one left to see

the significance

of your petty selfishness.

What is the worth

to the life you live

when everything has a price-

even you must pay

unable to reap the benifits


too see what you were missing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everything has a price

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"'You Know What Would Help?'"


If I could manage my life,

If I could set my goal.

If I could marry my wife,

If I could gain control.

If I could put up with myself,

And do the things I loved.

If I knew how I could excell,

If I did not feel shoved,

Into lives I don't want to live,

From which, I can't break free.

I don't have that much I can give,

At least, not that I see.

If I knew what I had to do.

If someone taught me how.

If someone, somewhere, somehow knew,

Cuz I could use help now.

      -Lo Ruhamah

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(During a discussion on the differences between male and female thinking patterns)
"Well, which side would you put me on?"
Luke Beyler

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My journey 7-27-02


Needing to believe in myself more and more

Being able to realize I still have room to grow.

Not knowing who I really am, what I want or believe.

I'm ready to go on a journey to find myself

I must pack up and leave.

Leaving this world I've adapted to.

I must follow my heart, to thine ownself be true.

Taking the risk of crushing family's dreams

I will venture out to find the real me.

Taking all I've learned

Remembering all the love I've earned.

I will go on a mission to a new world

To be the adult I am and leave behind the little girl.

Though there is fear, I'll let faith be my cure.

And all doubt in my life will be controlled.

I'm on my way to a journey that will change me so.

But through it all, God will be my strength to let me grow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On my long track deciding to joing the Navy or not, I wrote this 3 months before I swore into the Delayed Entry Program.

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