My Decisions

Its really funny that I'm crying over you now

I never was your type

And now I'm thinking..Haven't I been here before?

Haven't I done this here before?

Because this is the zenith time you've left me

For someone else, but this time...

Unknowingly, you broke my heart.

And that is sometimes the most deadliest, dangerous way to break it

Because out of the pride I lost long ago,

I still have to guard my heart

So you don't know what you do to me

Those compliments are lethal to me, so seductive

And you pain me more by loving me

Like you have before.

When you've had other girlfriends,

you say you never stopped thinking about me

But I know that can't be true

You've gotten so far

And left me in the dust

Thousands of miles away from you, I hear your thoughts,

And most of them havent been about me for a long time

It causes me to wonder if you're still the same,

and playing me like a fool,

A card you always have stored up your sleeve

Or whether you really mean what you say

So, what can I do?

Guard my beaten, broken heart and leave you,

leave the chance at love divine

Or risk it all, and love you,

Wind up broken, in tears, and scarred

But with a memory of it that will last for a life time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*~ Dedicated to Gabe ~*

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