The Ache


it all starts

begins right here

all in the place

the origin of your fears

you fear this place

it harbors your pain

stabbing you true

it is the heart

the blade goes through

years have gone by the view

something you could never feel

a wholesome life stolen from you

by a pain that can't be revealed

you've tried for a lifetime

to halt the hurt and the pain

but it has with all this time

grown and spread, it still remains...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the pain still spread like butter on toast.. a relief you want, desir the most.. to end the hurt, mend the scars.. free yourself of oppressing bars.. the bars of Depression

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Black Hawk Down.= Corporate Profits Up

!! Short

Black Hawk Down

= Corporate Profits Up


And in Somalia, Afghanistan

Kuwait NY and every else these

billion dollar machines go down,

(as America's poor dumpster shop,

as foreclosures are happening in

record numbers, as shelters are full

and food banks and emergency rooms

turn away the suffering)

it is not the fault of military mechanics..

but because like GE products

Black Hawks have 'planned obsolescence'

to generation billions for

bullies, in the Club of the Bellicose

which includes Boeing and Lockheed,

Northrup and others

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Black Hawk helicopter was downed this week..
as men and women died.. and Sikorsky made profits

An F 14 crashed into the Caribbaean this fortnight..
worth 1 billion?  1 plane crash equals many states' deficits

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Sometimes I really wonder

Is it you or is it only me?

The things that at times you do

Don't make any sense at all to me

Why do you make it always so hard?

Not only for you but for the rest of us

Why do you choose to close tight your eyes to God?

When right choices is all you needed to do

I am sure by now you have realized

You have to stop all this nonsense at once

The old hurts will dissapear one day as they came

And a garden in its place for you will bloom

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2003 Poetry

opposite--i like

where everyone loves to eat veals

i prefer instead a fish

where everyone loves to eat venisons

i prefer instead a vegetable

where everyone fancies black

i prefer instead a white

where everyone cries out loud

i prefer instead to lock myself up

where everywhere, everyone

grumbles at almost everything

i prefer instead to thank Him

for whatever comes my way,

whether life is fair or not

still life is a gift from God,

and that should be anought

to thank Him a lot

written 1/16/2003

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The Undecided

Decision Making is an awesome thing

Requiring wisdom, fortitude and vision;

Beware of entities that sway and swing,

And later taste the fruit of indecision.

Like chickens by a folksy fox caressed,

Who’ll stroke the prickly plumes, beguile and tease,

While waiting to bite off their rosy crest

And turn his back to juicy promises.

Wise Socrates at Athens erstwhile wrote:

“Irresoluteness shun  and laxity,

Disciples! do not sway, but think and vote!

Entrust not to a swing your destiny”.

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In Retro


"In Retro"   11 - 12 - 02

do you have the memory

of those days of glee

i know you remember the day

when life took it all away

replaced your joy with sadness

away with sanity, replaced by madness

do you have the dedication

to break this depression

did you ever have it in you

to take it back, to undo

you hold in your hollow

the path you did follow

there in your regret

you curse your name spit

on the decisions you made

on the hope you forbade

look at yourself now

how to free yourself, how

you ask yourself this

in all your blindness

just as clueless

and just as hopeless

as when you began

when you executed this plan...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was originally titled Pains

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2002 Poetry

how will you say I do, when your mind

wanders afar measuring teacups and

weighing creamer into the coffee mug?

how can you say I do, when your bouquet

is parching to the grip of your soggy hand?

gullible thoughts blocking you going to

the cathedral, an opportunity that should

not be missed out; and so, an agreement was

signed before you, now the isle has widened

to your favor unruffled to see your man

waiting at the temple

written 11/22/2002

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Darkness surrounds me

making it so I can't see,

feel, or touch anything.

The darkness is draining

my life of its meaning.

It is tryingto drain

my heart and soul

form me.

The darkness has almost

consumed all of my life,

heart, and soul.

When I am almost gone

a light appears.

At first a small light

amidst my sea of darkness.

Then over time growing

brighter and brighter.

Giving my life meaning again,

filling my heart and soul

with love.

And now I am surrounded

by a beautiful bright light.

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on my head, light steps

pestering me, wearing me

out, razing me

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