My journey 7-27-02


Needing to believe in myself more and more

Being able to realize I still have room to grow.

Not knowing who I really am, what I want or believe.

I'm ready to go on a journey to find myself

I must pack up and leave.

Leaving this world I've adapted to.

I must follow my heart, to thine ownself be true.

Taking the risk of crushing family's dreams

I will venture out to find the real me.

Taking all I've learned

Remembering all the love I've earned.

I will go on a mission to a new world

To be the adult I am and leave behind the little girl.

Though there is fear, I'll let faith be my cure.

And all doubt in my life will be controlled.

I'm on my way to a journey that will change me so.

But through it all, God will be my strength to let me grow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On my long track deciding to joing the Navy or not, I wrote this 3 months before I swore into the Delayed Entry Program.

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